IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2014-07-03

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Romstersyslog-ng why are we on the 3.8 branch than on the long term supported as well 3.5 branch? is 3.5 unstable/dev?13:31
Romster3.5.4.1 is current.13:32
teK___it was hard to find information on what changed between the branches in terms  on configuration files13:50
teK___same applies for postfix, I will slowly push 2.9 and after some month 2.10.13:51
Romsterah might be wise to see if other distros use the newer branches.14:14
teK___2.9 -> 2.10 was no problem for me on (which uses a virtual mailbox + mysql + cyrus-* configuration)14:35
teK___we are current on the 2.8 branch, though.14:35
Romsteri was just curious.14:42
Romsterdon't know the details of the changes.14:42
teK___frinnst/jaeger/jue what's the matter of libva-intel -> xorg?14:56
RomsterteK___, why not throw it in opt?14:57
Romsterwhere i got the other nvidia one.14:57
Romsterthough i could say libva libva-vdpau-driver and libva-intel are all freedesktop.14:58
Romsterdoes libva-intel really need ffmepg?14:59
Romsterif so then libva-intel can't be in xorg15:00
Romsterxorg can only depend on opt and core15:00
Romsteroh and libva-intel can't go in opt without ffmpeg and all its dependencies in opt either. so it's probably best to keep that in contrib15:01
Romsterfinddeps libva-intel15:02
Romsterglibc (core)15:02
Romsterlibva (opt)15:02
Romsterlibdrm (xorg)15:02
Romsterxorg-libpciaccess (xorg)15:02
Romsteri think you might have over killed the deps?15:02
Romsteryeah even configure does't ask for ffmpeg.15:04
frinnstteK___: does mesa3d link against it? or anything else from the xorg repo?15:07
Romstermesa3d only linked with libvdpau15:08
Romsterhrmm funny though i don't see it in finddeps15:09
Romster--enable-vdpau is there.15:09
frinnstyeah mesa3d wont break if you remove libvdpau, only video playback will :)15:10
teK___I don't think so. It simply puts a library into usr/lib/dri15:11
teK___I put ffmpeg there for a reason so maybe I depended on it once; yet I don't remember, this was in 2013. :]15:12
teK___I don't care if libva-intel stays in contrib, just wanted to know for sure15:13
Romsterused internally?15:14
Romsterlibvdpau on mesa3d that is.15:14
teK___will test without ffmpeg next week.15:15
RomsterteK___, should only need libva15:19
RomsterteK___, i was thinking if youshould rename libva-intel to libva-intel-driver to keep it consistent with libva-vdpau-driver15:24
Romsterand it to be honest libva-intel only needs libva as libva pulls in mesa3d and all the other stuff.15:25
Romsterso libva-intel/libva-intel-driver can go in opt.15:26
Romstergstreamer-vaapi{,1} is the only one left that must stay in contrib.15:28
RomsterteK___, btw i just had a quick look in mplayer-vaapi and noticed "find $PKG -name '*.desc' | xargs chmod g-w" could possibly be done this way but not tested "find $PKG -name '*.desc' -exec chmod g-w {} \+"15:46
Romster+ to find is xargs without the cost of using a pipe here.15:47
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teK___thanks for the hint18:10
teK___still not more expensive than copying 3GB (like texlive) :>18:10
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