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RomsterteK___, hehe03:09
Romsteri guess because i compile in tmpfs and source is extracted there, and compressed there, that it's not a big concern for me. but anyone using a disk would probably cringe. but i never thought of them for that.03:10
Romsterthat leads to another thing we are still using gz compression shouldn't we default to xz in 3.1?03:21
Romsteralso another thing libarchive doens't compress as fast as pigz that i was using at one stage in place of libarchive in pkgmk, made a noticeable speedup.03:21
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juebut gz is still much faster ...07:34
juegood morning btw07:35
teK___parallel extraction/compression still is awesome07:44
teK___% sudo prt-get deptree samba | grep -v '[i]' || true08:33
teK___but I get a footprint mismatch:08:33
teK___MISSING   drwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.16/Parse/Yapp/08:33
teK___MISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.16/Parse/Yapp/Driver.pm08:33
teK___the whole mismatch can be found at
jueteK___: is this an update of samba, meaning is samba installed during build?09:00
teK___it was a prt-get sysup run09:01
teK___i.e. yes it was09:01
teK___I'm not quite sure if it's my fault ;)09:01
jueok, guess I know what happens09:01
teK___but having all deps installed sure suffice09:01
juesamba looks for an installed Yapp driver, if it finds none it installs the bundled one09:03
teK___I see. So you probably should rip out the check09:03
jueteK___: thanks for the report :)09:04
Romsteri just did -uf and forgot about it09:04
teK__no problem, jue. Did you see the man pages in the mismatch?09:05
juenot yet, looking now ...09:07
teK__should be fixed by pkgmk -uf ;-)09:07
juehmm, thet seems releated to the installed ldap?09:10
teK__not sure..09:11
teK__NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man7/samba.7.gz09:11
teK__can this be related to ldap?09:11
teK__rebuilding without openldap installed09:12
teK__the rebuild yields no missing Yapp files but all man pages listed above:
jueteK__: that's not nice, guess you've docbook installed?10:13
teK__docbook-{xml,xsl}, yes10:14
teK__stupid samba :\10:14
Romsternew is fine though --ignore-new for a reason, its the missing files that are the problem.10:53
teK__you cannot take that option as a given for all users10:54
Romstereveryone seems to be anti docbook10:56
Romsterso the ones that use it, can add the extra option. it wont affect anyone else.10:57
Romsteror rm -rf it like everyone else does.10:58
juewell, the missing .7 pages are my fault, forgot to install them ;)10:59
juewill commit a fix for yapp and .7 soon11:01
Romsterso those that have docbook generated them anyways.11:01
teK__wow finally I reported a bug for jue11:02
jueRomster: yes11:04
jueteK__: :)11:04
jueRomster: found my mail wrt pkgmk and xz/gz ->
Romster=======> ERROR: Source file 'samba-install_yapp_driver.patch' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).13:19
Romsternice one jue you forgot the patch file.13:20
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Romsterit happens.14:01
Romster-7 compression is fine -9 really is slow.14:03
Romstermajor anoyance is why is libarchive not smp capable. i used to use pigz for parallel gzip in pkgmk, with serious speedups.14:04
jaegerSo what's left for 3.1?14:37
Romsterhow do we handle compat-32 ports removal/injection?14:40
jaegerwe don't; there are none on the ISO14:40
jaegerIf you think it's important enough, maybe a note in the release notes14:40
Romsterand any text warning about such changes for xorg mesa3d and libjpeg?14:41
Romsterin the handbook for any compat-3214:41
Romsteri haven't even read the handbook for 3.114:41
Romsterah it is there
jaegerWe might want to add 'compat-32' to section 5.2.5 as well14:43
Romsterno mention of .nostrip or .32bit either14:44
jaegerIf anything those should probably be in the development docs14:45
jaeger99% of users won't use or care about those14:45
RomsterThe kernel source, which is found in /usr/src/linux-3.12.17/ < is that still current it's now on 3.12.2314:46
Romsteri'm not sure when but there was a futex lock issue in some kernel versions on large i/o read/writes locking up.14:47
Romsterbut then not many will stay on that kernel version.14:47
jaegerI'll update the .17 references, it's mixed right now14:48
Romsternot nit picking just seeing what i can spot here.14:49
Romster"Go to /usr/src/linux-3.12.23, configure and compile a new kernel."14:49
Romsteryeah not constant14:49
jaegerThey're updated now14:50
Romsteris there a section on required kernel options taht crux needs like compat32 and devtmpfs stuff. or will we just rely on the users using the .config defaults?14:51
jaegerIt's mentioned in 3.214:51
Romsteri don't think i've seen a /dev/hda in a few years now.14:52
Romsterpata stuff is done though scsi modules now no?14:52
jaegerDepending on your kernel version you can still use the older driver subsystem if you want, though there's no compelling reason to14:53
Romsterok so that blurb will do for the kernel.14:55
Romstermight need to make it clear that rejmerge needs to be ran after upgrading?14:56
Romster4.2.2. Upgrading a Package does mention it though but, that might be a bit buried?14:57
Romsteror it is ok as is.14:57
jaegerI'd suggest that bin/setup actually mention it after an upgrade completes14:58
Romsterpkgadd(8) configuration14:58
Romsterbut then that file is relaly a cut down list of the systems pkgadd.conf14:59
Romsterthat would be wise, to mention to run rejmerge after setup15:00
Romsteroh and revdep out of prt-utils15:00
Romsteras there will be a ton of broken ports.15:00
Romsterand the had book needs a short blurb to manually check prt-get deptree mesa3d-32 and such ports for missing dependencies.15:01
Romsterdunno how you go there. or there will be very few that affects.15:01
Romsterif any15:01
frinnstthe installer instructs the user to run rejmerge after upgrade15:05
Romsteri can give you a list of compat-32 changes for a small table.15:08
Romster+elfutils-32 +eudev-32 +kmod-32 +lcms2-32 -libjpeg-32 +libjpeg-turbo-32 -libuninameslist-32 +xorg-dri3proto-32 +xorg-libxshmfence-32 +xorg-presentproto-3215:11
Romstermight help those that use compat-3215:12
Romstersince the iso wont contain them packages, could test for and remove libjpeg-32 probably.15:13
Romsterjaeger, oh but the major thing i came across is compat-32.rsync and contrib.rsync will have the old 3.0 branch as the new files are 3.1 on .inactive15:14
Romsteri bet that will catch users out.15:14
Romsteri sugested a sed but then you sugested some template/function or something that would be better.15:15
Romsterand more robust.15:15
Romsteri know some will think they are all rosie then find out later they were on contrib 3.0 and not 3.1 :D15:16
Romstersame for compat-3215:16
Romsteri don't think i have anything else on my mind.15:18
Romsteri lied.... revdep is not mentioned anywhere on the handbook15:19
Romsterit will be /required/ after rejmerge15:19
Romsterafter ports -u actually.15:20
Romster5.2.2. Listing Local Ports, i see udev no eudev << that whole list needs redoing.15:20
Romsterthat licence thing with mesa3d as well is that really a problem distributing it on the iso?15:24
Romster4.5. Adjusting/Configuring the Package Build Process no mention of MAKEFLAGS15:29
Romsterthink that is all now :)15:31
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jaegerjue: I bought a 2014 WRX :D19:03
frinnstlol, "just like that" or did you plan it? :)19:04
frinnstpics or it didnt happen!19:04
jaegerI've been planning to for a few months, just been too busy to pursue it19:05
jaegerIt's not in yet, I will be able to pick it up next week hopefully19:05
jaeger <-- that's the one, though19:05
jaegerer, I meant 2015, not 2014 :)19:06
jaegercurse you, fingers19:06
frinnstyeah, its the ducky's fault! ;)19:06
frinnstlooks slick19:06
jaegerI admit I'm still getting used to the keyboard. Mostly my fault, though, I'm sure :P19:06
jaegerI type pretty quickly19:07
frinnstheh, to be honest so am I :)19:07
frinnstim really thinking of replacing the keycaps to DSA19:07
frinnsti need a lower profile19:07
jaegerThat's the biggest change for me, going from a low profile chiclet-style keyboard to this19:07
frinnstyep same here19:08
jaegerThis keyboard has some hilariously goofy lighting modes but the feel is great19:08
jaegerI usually have the lighting off during the day and solid on the lowest setting at night19:08
frinnstthe biggest problem with getting dsa keycaps is that they are fucking impossible to get hold of. atleast if you need ISO keys with swedish layout19:08
juejaeger: congrats!19:08
jaegerjue: thanks :) I'm looking forward to it19:09
jaegerI'll post pics once I have it in my driveway19:09
jaegerfrinnst: what are DSA caps? Not familiar with that term19:09
jaeger <-- google led me here19:10
frinnstyeah, that looksa bout right19:10
frinnstthe one in the middle is what you have right now19:10
frinnstI would buy the shiit out of the keycap set i linked to, if it was available19:11
frinnstbut its all groupbuys - the most stupid way of selling stuff there is19:11
jaegerugh, yeah19:11
frinnstmy coworker has bought that set for his keyboard. I might knock him out and steal it :p19:12
jaegerSave some money that way, hehe19:12
frinnstthis is still available:
frinnstno iso enter keys or swedish legends though :(19:22
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