IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-07-07

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Romsterah is this a problem i see a bunch of programs using this path for ssl certs /etc/ssl/certs/ but then i see /etc/ssl/cert.pem07:00
Romstershouldn't that be in /etc/ssl/certs/07:01
Romstercups dovecot lighttpd openssl psi-im pure-ftpd qca stunnel vsftpd all look in /etc/ssl/certs/07:02
frinnstyeah but all those are looking for a private cert?07:28
frinnstcert.pem is just a list of root certs07:28
frinnstthink cert.pem = clients07:31
Romsterah k09:08
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nrxtxcurrently there is only the .32bit file to define the architecture? Is there an identification for 32/64 multilib parts e.g. wine?19:47
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jaegeryes to the first, not sure what you mean with the second23:25
jaegerIf you mean something that indicates that it's both 64- and 32-bit, just its deps23:26

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