IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-07-11

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frinnstI just got an email from sepen thanking me for updating flash for him. He was wondering why the mailinglist was so quiet :)08:56
frinnstsent a reply, but i expect it to bounce again as usual08:56
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frinnstI have a patch ready for cve-2014-0475 for glibc 2.1918:17
frinnstits from allan/2.19/backport18:18
jaegerwas just reading about that on oss-sec18:18
frinnststripped the changelog parts from the backport18:18
frinnstshould I push it?18:23
jaegerwell, jue is gone so we're free to ruin things :D18:23
jaegerer, I mean...18:23
frinnsthaha yes18:23
frinnstIt should be pretty safe i think18:24
jaegerWell, since we're still waiting for a ptrace fix for the kernel, I'd say go ahead18:24
frinnstboom, done18:29
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frinnstinteresting: glibc failed to update on one of my boxes:
frinnstdoesnt look related to the patch18:49
jaegerupdated fine on my ISO builder system for what that's worth18:51
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frinnstyeah doesnt build without the patch either20:17
frinnstim gonna rebuild the toolchain20:17
frinnstah, i've set export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=native -pipe -fstack-protector"21:35
frinnstforgot about that :)21:36
frinnstshould solve it21:36
jaegeroops. good to know, at least21:39
frinnstI guess that patch should be added to glibc-32 too21:44
jaegercool, thanks21:55
frinnstits probably needed for 3.0 too, i'll look into it tomorrow23:04

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