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jaegerfrinnst: have you seen a 3.12 patch for the ptrace thing yet?19:44
jaegerIt was CVE-2014-4699, right?19:48
frinnstI looked for a patch late last night, didnt find any19:52
frinnstyes CVE-2014-469919:52
jaegerhrmm, ok19:54
jaegerregarding jue's concern about shipping a newer kernel than that used by the glibc headers, was that technical or aesthetic? I don't think I've ever seen an issue caused by using a newer kernel than your system headers19:55
jaegerAll I can find from searching online is that if you run a glibc with older headers than the running kernel binary "new features might not work as expected"19:58
jaegerno specifics or examples19:58
jaegerwith all that said, distros aren't repackaging glibc for every kernel upgrade19:59
jaegerSo to me, shipping a 3.14.x kernel instead is a viable option.19:59
jaeger08:11 < jue> Romster: I mean more the cosmetic side20:02
jaegerfound that which answers my question about aesthetic vs. technical20:02
teK__+1 for the kernel pi20:15
jaegerI assumed that 3.12.25 would be along soon and fix the issue but it's not yet20:17
frinnstyeah I dont think anybody's suggested older glibc headers will cause problems with newer kernels. its the other way around20:27
frinnstand I dont object to 3.14 on the ISO20:27
frinnstits probably a good thing with better hardware support20:27
jaegerI think if 3.12.25 doesn't come along today I'll rebuild the ISO with no package changes but with the newer kernel. If we test that and find no issues, any objections from you guys to releasing that as 3.1?20:28
frinnstno please go ahead :)20:28
frinnstIs there anything that remains? iirc all the docs are up to date?20:29
jaegerI think we've got it all (except maybe adding compat-32 to the section of the handbook that talks about contrib?) but would appreciate any double-checking.20:30
jaegerwe talked about it back on july 4th in the logs20:31
frinnstyes i remember, just doublechecking :)20:32
jaegerI'm busy with some database pruning at work at the moment but I'll add compat-32 to section 5.2.5 in a bit20:34
jaegeractually I'll add a separate section with slightly different wording for compat-32 to be clear20:59
jaegerok, that's added21:11
nrxtxfrinnst fix should be upstream, you could fetch the commit?21:16
nrxtx see the commit url at the end of the page21:20
jaegerI might try applying it to 3.12.24, then21:53
nrxtxaltough its a cleaner way to provide 3.12.25 with the iso22:09
nrxtx3.15.5 already includes the fix22:12
nrxtx3.14.12 also22:14
nrxtx3.10.48 also, why are they behind with 3.12 branch? Oo22:15
nrxtxwho has choosen 3.12 for crux? :D22:15
jaegerI chose it because things like vmware tools, zfs, etc. are slow to update but it's still LTS22:16
jaeger3.12 is maintained by someone else upstream22:16
nrxtxi hope i get all that bumblebee stuff working with newer kernels22:17
nrxtxdid not try 3.12 yet22:17
teK__hey jaeger ;)22:48
teK__ERROR  contrib/xorg-font-terminu  header not found: Maintainer22:48

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