IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-07-16

jaeger <-- I'm uploading what I think will be the final 3.1 ISO here, please run any last-minute tests you can think of01:52
jaegerETA ~4mins01:52
jaegerIt includes the ptrace patch and the recent glibc patch01:53
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frinnstepic jaeger!06:41
frinnstoh, jue tagged the port trees a while back? How does one change it?06:44
frinnstbefore you say anything romster, yes i know gtk 2.24.24 is out :)07:04
frinnstreleased weeks ago and missed by ck4up07:05
Romsterwhy would you delete a tag?08:22
Romstermake a new tag for 3.1 release08:22
Romstertek your sasl port needs patching and versin bump, CVE is out. and current version don't work on google talk on pidgin08:33
Romsterlfs/gentoo/arch have patches08:36
teK__gotta check my ck4up file, then.08:42
teK__last run was about 20 minutes ago.08:42
Romsterthe mirror it's on now don't have that new version.08:42
Romsteronly noticed after i went looking.08:43
teK__that webpage simply is seriously outdated08:44
teK__on some days I just want to harm upstream :D08:45
Romsterthe more i go looking for version sort stuff soon the more i'll find these things too.08:45
teK__thanks for the heads u08:45
Romsteroh yeah don't use that URL08:46
Romsterand firefox just crashed on me -_-08:46
teK__ cyrus-sasl-2.1.23-gcc44.patch08:47
teK__oh the joys of packaging08:47
Romsterlooks to be a mess that library08:48
teK__and only 5MB weighing08:48
teK__(that's gzipped!)08:48
Romster that patch there might be the easiest solution but not sure if it covers the CVE08:49
Romsteror if the new version even fixes pidgins google talk issue.08:49
teK__oh soooo descriptive08:49
teK__I almost feared, I was about to drown in information08:50
teK__at least it does not build without patches ....08:50
Romsteryeah no idea what it does08:50
Romsteri was gonna bump it then i got scared with patches08:51
Romsteri mean to try it myself08:51
teK__telco in 10.. let's see if I can fix this before 11am ;)08:51
teK__dont be scared, I'm here!1108:51
Romsterwhy is it security libraries always have a ton of patches08:52
teK__crypto is hard08:52
Romstercan't upstream be faster adding in important fixes.08:52
Romsteryeah but stable branches could add in these distro patches.08:52
teK__you thought libressl would rescue us from openssl? ...
Romsteronce checked over.08:52
teK__at least it compiled. Still needs some love.. but not now08:53
Romsterand is less safe than the OpenSSL PRNG that it replaced.08:53
teK__ok builds now cleanly08:54
teK__without patches08:54
Romsteryou'd definitely want that CVE patch08:55
teK__that's true08:55
teK__will check that later :)08:55
teK__< afk08:55
Romster"The PPD version (5.2.9) is not compatible with Gutenprint 5.2.10."10:58
Romsteri can't get this working.10:58
teK__they commited a fix for the CVE twice10:59
teK__one with long lines and one with breaks10:59
teK__oohhhh words cannot describe the hate.. :D10:59
Romsterman i'm glad it's not my port11:00
teK__CVE? not worth a version bump <311:00
teK__thanks mate11:00
Romsterbut seriously wtf is upstream doing.11:00
teK__not giving a flying fuck about packagers/users? :D11:00
Romsterrecompiling all the ports that cups uses11:01
Romsterhope this fixes the ppd11:01
teK__good luck11:01
Romsterlast time i was lazy and downgraded gutenprint11:01
Romsterno revdep issues11:02
teK__ok and now the patch does not apply ... awwwww11:02
Romsterlooked at gentoos patches?11:03
teK__I could use that.. hm11:03
teK__wtf :)11:04
Romsterhow does this not apply
teK__I'll take care of it :)11:05
Romsterlibtool: link: cannot find the library `' or unhandled argument `'11:06
Romsterhmm bet it's my funky distcc/cmake11:06
teK__omg, the source has stray control characters in it11:06
teK__[ ] one wants to run security critical software of this category11:07
Romsterweird i removed cups-fitlers then rebuilt.11:08
Romsterguess i need a newer Canon-PIXMA_MP640-.ppd11:16
Romsterdowngraded gutenprint 5.2.9 works11:29
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RomsterteK__, i don't know what happend i pulled in your changes into opt-3.1 for cyrus-sasl but the remote hook hanged i ctrl-C it git says it's up to date for git-to-rsync is not current.12:22
Romsterneeds to be ran again.12:22
Romsterjust sat at Total 2 (delta 1), reused 0 (delta 0) ; indefinitely.12:23
teK__I saw the process just now12:23
Romsternot had that happen before.12:23
teK__may local clock was wrong by two hours12:23
teK__maybe that's related12:23
Romsterhmm maybe12:24
Romsterjust need the post-recive hook ran hopefully will solve it. unless i push another change.12:24
Romsterta teK__ that solved it.12:25
Romsterweird that12:25
Romstercomputers do strange things.12:25
teK__yes, they do exactly what we tell them12:25
Romsteri never toldit to hang on git push12:25
teK__that's what YOU think12:26
Romsterin actual fact i bet it jammed up on the post-receive hook12:26
teK__it did12:26
Romsterlets make it look /i/ am incompetent :P12:27
teK__was ps aux | grep post at that time because I'm updating cyrus on, too12:27
Romsterhmm few extra new files but that's ok12:27
Romsteri probably got everything under the sun on my system12:27
Romsterah that's krb512:28
teK__sounds like that12:28
Romsterall good.12:28
Romsterah you cheated with a fake commit...12:28
Romsteri could of done that.12:29
frinnstholy hell. I installed jaegers 3.1 iso and built the kernel with the default config12:31
frinnstgeez its big :)12:31
Romsteryeah its got the kitchen sink12:31
Romsteryou can do the make localmodconfig12:35
Romsterafter to remove modules not loaded.12:35
Romsternot really ideal though12:35
jaegerwhat's the pidgin google talk issue?13:05
jaegerfrinnst: I wasn't sure what to do about the tag, honestly. Even though some other things have been updated, only the glibc/glibc-32 updates went into the ISO13:06
frinnstjaeger: just did a fresh install with your iso. Couldnt see anything wrong atleast :)13:06
jaegergood, thanks :)13:06
frinnsttoughts about making it official later today?13:09
jaegerI'm going to do one last 3.0->3.1 upgrade test today, if that goes well I think it's ready. Did anyone else test the latest one last night?13:17
frinnstwhat are the biggest potential problems for users upgrading?  udev nic naming and libpng breakage?13:20
jaegeryeah, probably13:21
teK__hey Romster you might want to check youtube-dl more frequently ;)13:52
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Romsterfrinnst, jaeger teK__ oh i just found out curl was linked to cyrus-sasl and bumping cyrus-sasl broke a library to curl requiring a rebuild.15:17
Romstercurl: error while loading shared libraries:
teK__do you use curl or wget to fetch the sources?15:21
teK__i.e. you're safe with wget..15:22
Romstercurl is used in core/ports15:22
Romsteri rebuilt curl anyways and it fixed it.15:22
Romsterjust thought i'd report it.15:22
jaegerit'll break samba, too, if you use that15:36
Romstersamba isn't in core though15:38
jaegertrue, sorry, didn't realize that was the important part15:43
Romstercurl is in core and it links to a opt port is what i'm getting at.15:43
Romsteri found one before with libarchive same scenario, though that was worse it broke pkgutils.15:45
Romsterbur frinnst fixed that awhile ago.15:45
Romsterand yeah samba needs a rebuild too.15:45
frinnstYes we should probably build curl without it15:56
Romsterthat's what i was thinking.15:59
Romstercore ports should not depend on opt or contrib etc.15:59
Romstereven if its a soft dependency. ie those not listed on depneds on but can link to them if present on a system.16:00
jaegerhrmm, just realized that setup-helper can't really fix the .inactive ports files because it runs before setup upgrades ports16:00
Romsteri guess rc needs another hook like post-upgrade or something?16:01
Romsterand when it sees a file it'll do them tasks then remove the file after16:01
jaegerI think we did something like rc.fixup in the past, right?16:02
Romsteror some other solution16:02
Romsteri don't recall.16:02
jaegerthough maybe a run-once type thing would make more sense16:02
Romsterin that case it would.16:03
Romsterperhaps you could put it in setup-chroot-helper? but then some may do it manualyl and skip that16:04
Romsterif it's too much effort though, just make a mention in the documentation to check. or actually how hard would it be to add to rejmerge as another check?16:06
Romsterrejmerge is bash16:06
teK__+1 for keeping the sasl crap away from curl :p16:07
Romsterand it's designed for diff and edit update etc. it just does not detect the case between .inactive and non .inactive file extensions16:08
jaegerI wouldn't force rejmerge anyway since some users might prefer to do it manually16:11
Romsterno but add in the check to report/allow editing updating etc.16:12
Romsterat least a warn that it's not current.16:12
jaegerI'm not following, what do you mean by a check to report/allow editing updating etc.? editing/updating of what?16:13
jaegersetup already mentions when you start the upgrade that you should do this16:13
Romsteri mean to add a check for the contrib.rsync.inactive and compat-32.rsync.inactive so they can be compared to contrib.rsync and compat-32.rsync16:14
jaegerregarding the run-once type of thing, rc.multi runs rc.fix if it exists but rc.fix isn't deleted after16:14
Romsterin rejmerge16:15
Romsterany such foo.rsync to it's foo.rsync.inactive file16:15
Romstershowing a diff like rejmerge usually does.16:15
Romsterwith the option to edit merge update keep16:15
jaegerso you're suggesting basically a reimplementation of rejmerge just for those 2 files?16:16
Romsterpretty much an addition, it would reduce the number users forgetting those two changes16:17
jaegerI think we're getting too much into handholding at this point, especially for theoretically advanced users16:17
Romsterbut might be too much work?16:17
Romsteri've done it before forgot contrib was on 2.6 than 2.7 once. but true... maybe just leave it to the user.16:17
Romsterthink it would be neat if rejmerge could handle that as a merge case like any other file.. ah that's easy16:18
jaegerAlso since this is something that is more specific to setup than to a running system it might be worth adding a simple post-setup script or a couple lines in setup itself16:18
Romsteryou could just use something on the iso to drop files in. the rejected directory if contrib.rsync or compat-32.rsync is found.16:19
Romsterand rejmerge would handle it then16:19
Romsterbrilliant solution?16:19
Romsterrequires no changes to rejmerge you can doit early though rc.fix or some other spot.16:20
Romsterand it wont get done until the user runs rejmerge later on.16:21
Romsterelse i'm just getting too ahead of myself with hand holding.16:22
Romsterin which case just add a note to the documentation. i'm sure others will realise eventually.16:22
jaegerI think it's just overcomplicated that way. Might be simplest to have setup just do a check after install_packages() and rename the files16:22
Romsterah yeah that will do too.16:23
Romsterlike your code was if file is there remove and rename .inactive16:23
Romsteryea that'll also work.16:23
Romsteri never want crux to become fully automated but, that really could be missed and is a simple thing too.16:24
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jaegerthinking something like this after install_packages in main()16:26
jaeger        # one-time fix for .inactive ports files16:26
jaeger        if [ -f $ROOT/etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive -a -f $ROOT/etc/ports/contrib.rsync ]; then16:26
jaeger                mv -f $ROOT/etc/ports/contrib.rsync{.inactive,}16:26
jaeger        fi16:26
jaeger        if [ -f $ROOT/etc/ports/compat-32.rsync.inactive -a -f $ROOT/etc/ports/compat-32.rsync ]; then16:26
jaeger                mv -f $ROOT/etc/ports/compat-32.rsync{.inactive,}16:26
jaeger        fi16:26
jaegeractually, not that way16:26
jaegerthat would avoid rejmerge entirely. move it to rejected instead16:26
Romsteryeah move it to rejected which is what i suggested above ^16:27
RomsterRomster> you could just use something on the iso to drop files in. the rejected directory if contrib.rsync or compat-32.rsync is found.16:28
Romster<Romster> and rejmerge would handle it then16:28
jaeger        if [ -f $ROOT/etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive -a -f $ROOT/etc/ports/contrib.rsync ]; then16:28
jaeger                mkdir -p $ROOT/var/lib/pkg/rejected/etc/ports16:28
jaegersomething like that instead16:28
jaeger                mv -f $ROOT/etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive $ROOT/var/lib/pkg/rejected/etc/ports/contrib.rsync16:28
jaeger        fi16:28
Romsteror any covenant location.16:28
jaegeryeah, the point is this would be in setup instead of something done by the installed system16:28
Romsterand the same for compat-32.rsync and that'll let the user deal with it on rejmerge.16:29
Romsterno way they could miss it then. unless they are silly.16:30
jaegerfrinnst, teK__: any input on this change?16:30
Romsterare we down to 4 people for this release now?16:31
jaegerwhat do you mean?16:31
Romsterfrinnst, teK__ yourself and me.16:31
Romsterthe rest are afk/holiday/busy16:32
jaegerIt seems so, yeah16:33
Romsterreally just that and it's ready for release no?16:34
Romsterafter testing16:34
jaegerI think so16:34
jaegeras a future change it might be worth just leaving compat-32 and contrib enabled by default (but leaving them commented out in prt-get.conf)16:35
Romstercant' do much about compat-32 port removal and injection as there not on the iso. and left to the user. nto many would be on compat-32 anyways.16:35
jaegeror, if downloading ports that aren't used annoys people, perhaps adding a ports.conf file that says which are enabled and disabled instead of using .inactive filenames16:36
frinnstlooks good16:37
Romsterpersonally i was suprised at xorg.rsync being active. it was always inactinve in the past. and who uses xorg on a server install?16:37
jaegerI'll suggest something like that for 3.2 later16:37
frinnsthm, i dont think xorg.rsync was ever inactive16:37
jaegerI don't recall it being inactive either16:37
Romsterhmm maybe i just think that.16:37
frinnstI've always had to remove it on my server as far back as i can rembember16:37
teK__sounds a sensible thing to imho, jaeger16:39
teK__*to do16:40
jaegerok, will make that change and rebuild the ISO, then do final tests16:40
Romstermesa3d-demo arn't on the iso is it jaeger ?16:42
Romsterjust checking new version is out and i havne't bumped it yet16:42
Romsterwont affect you then.16:43
Romsterfrinnst, did get gtk update in?16:44
Romsteri think this release got as delayed as much as 2.7.1 was?16:46
Romsteri remember the great glibc hatus16:47
Romsterhey frinnst i thought you'd add a --disable-cyrus-sasl or soem such option to curl.16:49
frinnstnot for 3.016:53
frinnstprobably should have done that16:53
frinnstexactly what caused it to break? tek's cyrus update?16:54
frinnstso all curl installs that have been built with cyrus-sasl installed are broken?16:54
Romsterlinked to a lib and wehn i updated cyrus-sasl the so.2 is not there anymore.16:54
Romsterafter cyrus-sasl gets updated yes16:54
Romsterelse they wont know any difference.16:55
Romsterthat'll solve that issue.16:57
Romsterremember i hit a similar issue with libarchive last time i found a dependency like that.16:57
frinnsthave you kept the iso changelog up 2 date with the later changes?17:28
frinnstWould be super if you could push your changes to iso.git so we can link to the changelog in the announcement17:30
frinnstthats how jue's 3.0 announcement looked like :)17:30
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jaegeryeah, I've kept the changelog updated, will push it once I'm sure the ISO is ready17:52
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jaegerok, my upgrade test worked properly this time18:23
frinnstIm updating jdk now, opt/jdk is old as hell19:32
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jaegergood deal20:04
teK__sepen will do that20:12
teK__promised to do that today20:12
teK__please notify him, frinnst20:12
frinnstWell, he should get the notify-email now anyways20:13
jaegerAny of you need to do any last testing of the 3.1 ISO?20:13
teK__not that I could think of20:14
jaegerok. I've pushed my ISO changes except for the ChangeLog20:42
jaegersomeone else's turn to write an announcement this time :)20:43
jaegerIf nobody has any final concerns/changes I'll push the changelog with today's date for the release20:44
frinnstnope, all good here20:44
jaegerI've also created a torrent file20:45
jaegerGot to go do some computer moves and port configurations soon, though, so I'll turn over to you guys for the release announcements :)20:45
jaegerteK__, Romster: any last-minute stuff?20:46
frinnstok for you jaeger?20:51
jaegerseems fine to me, yeah. sorry for the slow response, getting pulled around at work20:54
frinnstno worries20:54
teK__no frinnst tells me, what to be proud of. Otherwhise I'm fine. No last-minute stuff20:56
jaegerRomster is probably asleep at this point20:59
jaegerpushed the ChangeLog and the .torrent files are in place21:02
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jaegerAFK for work stuff; feel free to restart the torrent tracker process to pick up the new torrent when ready21:14
frinnstOm, i'll send out the announcement21:18
frinnstok even21:18
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frinnstIts not up at yet though21:23
frinnstmaybe I jumped the gun a bit :p21:23
teK__update the wiki man21:26
jaegerback at my desk for a couple minutes, working on the upload now21:27
jaegerthe torrent should work fine until then, though21:29
teK__installing rtorrent.21:30
teK__so should have the ISO in a minute21:30
jaegerman, I'm gonna be so happy when this move is done at work21:30
teK__ok emerge rtorrent failed21:30
frinnstI dont see any seeders21:34
jaegermine's showing up in the web UI21:35
nrxtx3.1 \o/ now i know what to do on my weekend21:35
teK__enjoy the new release after an easy, short and smooth upgrade21:36
frinnstah, there we go21:36
nrxtxhows the repository switch done on portdb?21:38
frinnst* teK__ kicks Gentoo's nuts21:39
frinnst blueness [~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness] has joined #crux21:39
frinnstthey noticed21:39
teK__nrxtx: hardcoded paths/vars21:40
nrxtxso portdb xml will simply deliver the new urls?21:41
nrxtxthat's than no problem :)21:41
teK__in a second :P21:41
nrxtxthanks that you did that now an not in the moment when i sync with :D21:46
teK__the iso is 333MB21:54
teK__the ChangeLog is 111112 byte21:55
teK__combo breaker -_-21:55
nrxtxteK__: is the sync done?22:00
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jaeger~crux/public_html/files/pre-releases should probably be removed, just wasting space22:03
*** mechaniputer has joined #crux-devel22:03
teK__nrxtx: it is22:04
teK__gitweb is set to 3.1 also :)22:04
teK__deleting pre-rel22:04
nrxtxi miss 4 repositories after your sync :D22:04
teK__poof poof22:04
nrxtxif it is finished22:04
teK__nrxtx: then they are down.22:04
teK__I guess22:04
nrxtxdid you remove "alan"?22:05
nrxtxits reachable but missing in the list22:05
teK__no I didn't22:06
teK__Warning: file( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!  in /home/crux/bin/pdbcacher.php on line 19522:09
teK__Errors while retrieving collection alan22:09
teK__should reappear tomorrow at 7am CEST22:10
nrxtx"alan", "enlightenment" and "xfce" went away22:10
teK__funny because xfce and enlightenment are hosted at
teK__I think these two have to be resynced to have them appear under 3.1.22:12
nrxtxah and i forgot "pitillo" :D22:13
nrxtxmaybe low timeouts and bad connection? :D22:13
teK__our connection is perfect.22:13
teK__I hope you are happy now, nrxtx22:20
teK__so folks, if anything is there for 3.0 but 3.1, let me know; I think I caught all variables/scripts etc.22:21
teK__be happy dammit!22:21
nrxtxfound a bug in my sync stuff :/22:21
teK__that's a pity22:22
nrxtxyeah :)22:22
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teK__still, the three ports show up again22:22
teK__what does cruxbot try to tell us..22:23
nrxtxi guess he wanted to tell about every single changed port?22:24
teK__libpng 1.6.x in 3.0?22:24
teK__hell no22:24
teK__frinnst: are you fixing this atm?22:26
nrxtxteK__: thx for your effort, gn8 everyone22:32
frinnsti've not pushed anything22:35
frinnstlooks related to sepens push22:36
*** mechaniputer has joined #crux-devel22:38
teK__it's not in 3.0.22:38
frinnstjust looks like somethings wrong with cruxbot?22:38
teK__anybody up for a fake commit?22:45
frinnstim off to bed22:46
Romsterjaeger, no should be fine i went to bed22:46
teK__off to bed, too.22:54
*** Workster has joined #crux-devel23:33
Worksterso did anyone update cruxbot and portdb to crux 3.1?23:55

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