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Worksterok dunno about cruxbot opt/3.0 thing thought it pulled 3.1 changes into 3.0 but phew it didn't.00:04
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jaegergitweb's throwing shitloads of errors in the logs on crux.nu03:08
jaegerlooks like at least some of that can be quieted by simple scope fixes but gitweb is still getting hammered. what's up with that?03:21
jaegerI bet we could cut down some of the system load if we could figure out why gitweb is being hit so hard as well as fix up those perl errors. I made a few small edits but as perl is not my strongest language I didn't try to fix them all.03:35
jaegerif anyone's interested you can see my changes between gitweb.cgi and ._gitweb.cgi-20140717-0526 in /home/crux/public_html/gitweb03:36
jaegergood night03:37
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frinnstwell the announcement contained a link to the iso changelog via gitweb06:26
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teK__an yes Workster, cruxbot, portdb and gitweb (via symbolic-ref HEAD) have been adjusted for 3.106:55
Worksterso no more gitweb logs going crazy?07:06
Worksterwhat would do that?07:06
teK__I cannot tell but I don't think that's related07:07
frinnst[notify] for the 3.1 branch has been reenabled again?07:09
teK__I'm not sure about that07:10
teK__I changed the post-update hooks but they don't think they contain the the code to do the notifications07:14
teK__will check later if nobody did until then07:14
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frinnstyeah i dont know where it is either07:27
frinnst[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 1.16.007:29
teK__will revers-grep-neer that later ÖP07:29
frinnst * systemd integration. This provides for systemd-based launching and07:30
frinnst   management which improves boot performance and reliability07:30
frinnst604 files changed, 34449 insertions(+), 7024 deletions(-)07:30
teK__as long as it's optional07:30
frinnsthehe yes it is. just thought it was generic and nondescriptive enough to be funny07:31
teK__ANNOUNCEMENT: XORG now contains systemd-integration for the sake of world peace07:32
frinnstiirc it will require some new libraries. I'll start to play with it tonight07:32
frinnstglamor integration and improvements <307:33
teK__don't know what it is -> don't need it07:33
teK__half of the go-parts mirrors don't work properly07:55
teK__will have to contact the admin..07:55
frinnstits 2d in opengl07:56
frinnstnewer radeons use it, intel can use it etc07:57
teK__will that be used by flash some day? .. that's about the only thing I want to have taken care of07:57
teK__ hosts all ports but no ISOs07:57
teK__it's like herding fucking cats07:58
teK__almost no mirror has 3.1 yet07:58
frinnstR: 5.2107:59
teK__ stopped working after 2.707:59
frinnstmy bt ratio07:59
frinnstis it due to the dns troubles?07:59
teK__didn't we have some notes on how to sync at the DL page? They seem to be gone08:00
frinnstno clue08:00
teK__i.e. I don't know what admins were told to do08:00
teK__so I have some work to do tonight08:00
Romsterand we don't have pointing to a reliable source currently.08:00 is up to date of course :>08:00
teK__I think I am going to setup a mail alias for all mirror admins, if I can find any contact information08:01
teK__but I doubt we have any08:02
frinnstgood idea08:02
frinnstguess you can troll the mailinglist archives for some contact details perhaps08:02
teK__like I said08:03
teK__herding cats08:03
teK__but I am a proficient stalker08:03
RomsterteK__, if you like you can add i'll just throw up the iso that i'm downloading now.08:07
Romsteron 100mbit08:07
Romsterthese mirrors are so behind.08:08
teK__ok, will do08:09
Romsterperhaps stick a status thing on it to see if it's got crux-3.1.iso uploaded or not.08:09
Romsterok it's up.08:11
Romsterso how many mirrors have we now?08:11
Romstermaybe a few more after tonight too.08:12
teK__uptodate mirrors? < 5 would be my guess08:12
frinnstmany mirrors probably only sync once per day as well08:25
Romsteri was thinking that.08:26
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frinnstRomster: gconf needs a footprint update for gir crap11:28
frinnstprt-get: updating /usr/ports/opt/mplayer11:29
frinnst=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:11:29
frinnst?�?�)?? ???11:29
teK__will check that later, too11:31
frinnstis the mplayer.conf file11:40
teK__I changed that11:41
Romsteryou using gconf not sure if i wanna keep that port in contrib11:46
teK__not me11:46
Romsterfrinnst, reported it.11:46
Romstergeoclue uses it hmm need to look into that.11:47
frinnstI have no clue why I have that installed :)11:47
frinnstmy workbox is filled with crap11:47
Romsterthink so is my pc.11:47
Romsteri'm gonna go though a review of everything.11:47
Romsterah i did have geoclue in webkit11:48
Romsteryeah i'll nuke gconf not required.11:57
Romsterbesides that uses dconf now and i dont need that got geoclue 2.1.8 that i need to bump geoclue11:57
jaegerfrinnst: I don't think the announcement would account for the traffic I was seeing in the apache error logs last night13:39
jaegerIt's still pretty busy13:39
Romstercould it just be cacheing all the commits?13:40
jaegerNot nearly so much as last night, though13:40
Romsterin 3.1 branch13:40
jaegerfrom what IP are you caching?13:40
Romsteroh is this external hits to gitweb?13:41
Romsteri mean is gitweb pulling stuff out of git?13:41
jaegerI don't know from the error logs exactly what it's doing, just that it's busy13:42
Romsterthough id' imagine that should of been done after a few minutes13:42
jaegerteK__, frinnst: I counted errors in the logs for July, sorted and counted by unique IP address, in /tmp/apache-errors-jul.txt13:48
jaegernot sure what to make of the numbers except that they look really odd13:48
jaegerLOTS of closely-space IP addresses and some with thousands of hits13:48
jaegerone with nearly 200k hits13:48
jaegergranted the error volume is far larger than actual accesses13:50
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teK__who owns the ip addresses?14:07
jaegerNo idea there. I'm setting up some stats processing to see if it will be useful14:12
jaegerI'd forgotten how annoying it is to configure shit like awstats and apache14:12
jaegerWe might have to switch the log format for the vhost to combined to get more useful information14:13
jaegerAre you aware of any log processing going on that that would break?14:13
teK__but I'd simply whois the ip adresses by netblocks and deny access to these14:22
teK__what requests are made (causing the errors)?14:22
jaegerdistracted by printing posters at work14:29
jaegerI hate poster printing14:29
jaegeranyway, tail -f for a bit and see what I mean14:29
teK__maybe it's one of Romster zombie hosts *ducks && runs*14:30
teK__Microsoft Corporation14:34
teK__34,194 hits14:34
teK__I KNEW IT14:34
jaegerIf we switch the log format for the vhost to combined the awstats output will have a lot more interesting info in it14:39
teK__i'm ok with that14:51
jaegerok, I changed the log format15:20
jaegersame info but also includes referrer and user-agent, I believe15:21
jaegeradded awstats' update process to cron, set for every 6 hours15:23
jaegerthink I'll change that to every day, though, don't need it every 6 hours15:23
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teK__I dont care that much, never been a fan of awstat, tbh :)16:57
teK__but thanks for caring!16:57
jaegerI'm not a fan of it, either, but figured it might be nice to have some stats17:20
jaegeruploaded 5.4GB of 3.1 so far via torrent, guess it's reasonably popular17:23
mechaniputerI'm not a crux dev (yet?), so pardon me if I'm not supposed to post in here, but I'm seeding it here in the US and I'm at 750 MB uploaded. But my internet was down overnight or it would be higher.17:48
jaegerThanks for seeding17:48
mechaniputerI'm glad to help how I can. I'm a full-time student so I don't have much time to commit to other projects currently.17:49
jaegerNo worries, school's more important :)17:52
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frinnstsilly libepoxy. required for xorg server 1.16 with glamor21:34
frinnstsilly github project :(21:34
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