IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-07-18

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jaegerRomster: give it a try now02:49
jaegerI can't clone core ot contrib02:50
jaegerlots of group write permissions are no longer set02:50
jaegersome dirs are setgid, too02:50
Romsterok that went02:51
Romsterdid someone fluff with the server?02:52
Romsterand made a mess02:52
jaegerI wonder if the server isn't having some problem we don't know about.. for example, dmesg doesn't work02:52
Romsteri've never seen a case where dmesg never worked yet.02:53
jaegerjaeger@crux(~)$ dmesg02:53
Romsterusually the logging daemon if anything02:53
Romsterso kernel ring buffer arn't working?02:54
jaegerI guess not. syslog seems fine02:54
Romsteris this a dedicated box?02:54
jaegerJul 18 04:49:48 crux git-daemon[31687]: '/home/crux/scm/ports/core.git' does not appear to be a git repository02:54
Romsteror vitalized02:54
jaegerIt's a dedicated server02:55
Romsteruh oh some how it got messed up, or git is acting up.02:55
Romsteris the raid5 fine?02:56
Romsterso not likely a disk issue02:56
jaegerI can clone core to another local dir on the server02:57
Romsterintereesting core.git also isn't on
Romsterfatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /ports/core.git02:58
Romsterthis isn't good.02:58
jaegercertainly weird02:59
Romstergrab core.git and it'l be behind a bit, could easily copy the /usr/ports/core in and merge in them changes but be ugly.02:59
Romsterjue is away arnt he.03:00
jaegerI removed git-daemon from inetd to run it manually for now, still get the "does not appear to be a git repository" message03:01
jaegeropt still works fine03:01
Romstergit have a repair command?03:02
Romsterafter making a copy of core.git first.03:02
Romsteri only know of git gc for cleaning03:02
Romsterof all the years with crux i've not once see a git tree just asplode like this.03:03
Romsteri have to get back to work. don't think i can help much here.03:06
jaegerI'm poking at the permissions but haven't spotted what's wrong yet03:07
jaegerteK__, frinnst: would appreciate any insight here once you guys are around/awake03:11
jaegerI can still clone /home/crux/scm/ports/core.git to another dir on but it's not being served properly by git-daemon03:12
jaegerah ha... it seems it was because HEAD lost its o+r permission03:18
jaegerhow it lost that I've no idea03:18
jaegerand now I can clone them and they appear in gitweb again03:20
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frinnstwoh, what happened last night?07:35
jaegerI don't know :( got it fixed but I don't know when/how it started14:49
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frinnstanybody object to me adding a new dep to xorg-server 1.16 ?20:42
frinnsti'll keep testing a while longer and maybe push something tomorrow20:42
jaegernot I20:54

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