IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-07-19

jaegerRomster: jasper in 3.1 needs a dep update to libjpeg-turbo02:19
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teK__I have been busy all day long, will check things out in an hour or so08:44
nrxtxis the cruxbot source around, maybe i could have look at it?09:08
teK__the cyrus update broke e17 and  mpv, too09:12
teK__it's written in ruby.09:12
nrxtxuh then not :D09:12
teK__or maybe it's just the aftermath of openldap/samba  (wrt sasl)09:16
teK__prologic: do you happen to know our mirror contact at optusnet?10:09
teK__jaeger: did you tell charlie we were planning on restoring
teK__it's a serious screwup if almost all mirrors are outdated and sheds a bad light on us :)10:10
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teK__Romster: what's the location of your mirror, whois says Slovenia, tracroute suggests netherlands10:32
prologicteK__, no but I could probably find out10:34
teK__that would be awesome10:35
prologicI'll try :)10:35
teK__we need to collect contacts for our mirrors10:35
prologicseeing as they do business in our country10:35
teK__fyi folks, I cleaned and set up a second page listing reason/mirror with issues10:37
teK__the 3.0 mirrors probably just use :)10:37
teK__the git permissions were set by me, oops.11:05
teK__jaeger: ---^11:08
teK__sorry about that11:08
teK__I fixed group ownership and stuff11:09
teK__will take care of cruxbot alter today11:09
teK__mail to charly about is out11:09
teK__and I set up rsyncd on, too..11:09
teK__BRB folks.11:09
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jaegerteK__: I see your email to charlie about rsync, you can add if you like12:09
jaegerteK__: I did tell him we wanted to bring it back up at some point, yes, but tilman and I were the only hosts on it originally and both those IPs were invalid12:09
nrxtxi currently have no gui: wiki still links to 3.0 doc and referenced kernel in 3.1 is 3.12.2312:15
jaegerreferenced where?12:15
jaegerupdated the links to 3.1, thanks for pointing that out12:21
jaegermeans the handbook on the ISO is slightly outdated, oops.12:25
jaegeroh well, nobody's perfect. :P12:25
nrxtxhi Romster14:27
nrxtxany news about the themes?14:29
Romsterwhich themes again?14:31
Romsteri've been out and i still have a hangover.14:31
nrxtxfor enlightenment/qt/gtk for consistent theming14:31
Romsteroh that, girlfriend was working on that.14:33
Romsterno word yet shes got gtk3 to sort out still afaik14:33
frinnsti've pushed xserver 1.16 with --enable-glamor and the new libepoxy dep14:54
nrxtxfrinnst: also updated the footprint?15:01
frinnsthm, yes i think so15:03
frinnstdid you get an error?15:03
nrxtxyes about NEW glamor.h ...15:04
frinnstoh, sorry15:04
frinnstfuck, i committed my non-polished port :)15:05
frinnstxorg-server now has a redundant dep now with mesa3d. I'll leave it like that for the moment15:09
nrxtxis someone taking care of sepens ports or is he updating homself now?15:13
nrxtxlike chromium15:14
frinnstsort of "both and neither"15:14
frinnstits a bit of a mess15:14
frinnsthis email is working now atleast. I think he would appreciate patches15:15
nrxtxthe one ?15:18
frinnstits just a redirect to, but yes15:18
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nrxtxis there a reason for the disabled ip multicasting in default kernel config? only wondering16:02
jaegernot particularly, though I suspect fewer users use it than don't16:05
frinnst[notify] for 3.1 seems broken17:39
frinnstiirc jue disabled this during development. Anybody know where to turn it back on again? :)17:40
jaegerI think I did that, will check. the hooks need to be unified anyway17:51
jaegerok, removed the lines that disabled 3.1 notifications17:54
jaegerwill unify the hooks later if nobody objects. I wrote new hook scripts ages ago, I think we only use them for opt17:54
jaegeraway for a while17:56
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teK__someone fixed the bot, too?20:50
teK__so.. going for a climbing tour all day long automagically fixes things for Will try that again some time ;)20:50
teK__are there any administrative issues left? jaeger frinnst jue Romster?20:56
frinnstdont think so21:02
frinnstregarding xorg-server. I forgot to check how nvidia handles the abi stuff21:03
frinnstdoes it still work or did i "fuck shit up" for a bunch of people running nvidia?21:03
teK__can test that tomorrow, gf fell already asleep (in my machine room)21:07
nrxtxfrinnst at least it does not make problems with nvidia 337.25 + bumblebee21:11
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