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Romsterwas asleep03:32
Romsteris Mikhail Kolesnik, mike at openbunker dot org still active in contrib?03:49
Romsternrxtx, your missing soemtong on yoru ports browser the line where you can copy/paste for grabbing the ports the httpup/rsync command.04:27
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frinnst05:49 <Romster> is Mikhail Kolesnik, mike at openbunker dot org still active in contrib?09:11
Romsteroh there he is.09:20
Romstermike_k, dcraw needs a bump also are you interested in picking up jasper port? your the only one that seems to depend on it.09:21
Romstersource is 40409:22
mike_kRomster: thanks. I'll bump the dcraw. I'm lagging behind as always (. jasper looks like a simple one. should I just change the maintainer line?09:25
Romsteryeah just do that.09:26
Romsterand it's not been like any updates in ages from upstream anyways.09:27
Romsteri just did the naughty i touched other ports in contrib and renamed libjpeg to libjpeg-turbo :P09:27
mike_kI'll upgrade my secondary PC to 3.1 and do some ports cleanup from there09:29
Romsteri'm lagging behind too09:29
Romsterbut i'm seeing stuff here and there that is broken or that version isn't even on the source anymore.09:30
Romsterok that's opt and contrib taken care of for libjpeg09:31
Romster seen this i've made git stats.09:33
mike_kRomster: btw, I've abandoned using wicd. so those garbage files issue remains untested (don't even remember which ones). it's probably safe to leave it as is.09:33
Romsterah what did you move to?09:33
Romsteri still intend to setup a laptop on crux but time/lazy/effort.09:34
nrxtxRomster: you can give it a try09:34
Romsterfrinnst, this new dependency libepoxy is really too soon to be in xorg when not everyone has even upgraded yet.09:36
Romsterguess the upgrade will work but a later sysup is gonna break now.09:36
mike_kI just can't use anythong but CRUX, so the choice is obvious. I hope a new job won't force me to go with some crappy distro.09:36
Romstermike_k, i don't think you got that many ports to worry about take much of your time?09:37
mike_knope. I tend to give away some and forget about others though.09:38
Romstersetup ck4up do daily or even a weekly run.09:38
Romsteri work full time i got far less time than i used too.09:38
Romsterand i still got a ton of things i do.09:39
Romsterbut then i probably have no life and it all revolves around computers -_-09:39
Romsterjust don't do a sepen and not show up at all, and all is good.09:40
nrxtxRomster: links are added, what do you think of a hint if a port is already in an official repo when viewing the validation page for a repository?09:42
Romsterone thing i really loved about arch port page is how it shows what depends on that port and what is dependent on that port. and the fact one can click on those and it'll goto that ports page.09:43
Romsteryeah the download is cool09:44
Romsterthat's what it was lacing.09:44
nrxtxyou can see that when clicking "ports depending on .." in ports view09:44
nrxtxat least one level deep09:45
Romsterit's already got an official green tag for that09:45
Romsteryeah only one level deep though.09:45
Romsterdepends on is fine, but no such list for dependent09:46
Romsteryou have a link there for ports depending on foo though.09:46
Romster like that dependencies and required by.09:48
Romsterpersonal opinion i like their ports page layout.09:48
nrxtxRomster: currently its splitted "Dependencies" is "Depends on: " and "Required by" is "Ports depending on foo"09:50
RomsterAlternative repositories -> Versions Elsewhere09:51
nrxtxi'm not a ui designer still using bootstrap defaults09:51
Romsterprt-get dependent --all foo09:51
Romsteris the other list.09:51
Romsteri'm not a big designer either but it's not too hard to setup div with css for positioning09:52
Romsterand i have done that if you want a hand with that css stuff.09:52
Romsterreally need to do something with that white it's too much glare09:53
Romstersoem off white or even make it a shade of blue/green or something theme it someway to make it more pleasing to the eye.09:55
Romstercolour selector charts exist on the net.09:55
Romsterultimately its your call what you do with it, but i always have suggestions09:56
nrxtx <-> "prt-get dependent --all acl" or do you mean with --recursive flag?09:57
nrxtxRomster: yeah i'll change design by chance, first i'll finish some more of the logic09:57
Romsteryeahm that is the list, but instread of making a link to show them that way. have a list in the page for those port names.09:58
Romsterand if more than 1 port is under the same name. then goto this view or better yet have a link to the official port and a link on the official port to other ports with the same name.09:59
Romsteri don't want to look like arch's page but how they list ports as dependent or what other ports use this port is a nice setup IMO.10:00
RomsterDependencies (1) and Required By10:00
nrxtxyes, sounds good10:00
Romsterjust hope i arn't annoying you with the suggestions.10:04
nrxtxhehe no, its nice to have feedback10:06
Romsterya know i like that link to report when a port is out of date.10:07
Romsterbut that requies a log in and anti-spam setup to report those.10:08
Romsterand then we are so smallit's just as easy to do it on flyspray email or irc.10:08
nrxtxme too, just have a look on the top right, you'll see the first hint ;)10:08
Romsterstill bumping ports here.10:09
Romsteri see a login <<10:10
Romsterbut a register page <<10:10
nrxtxlogin stuff is all done, register available but disabled until you can do somethin with a login :D10:11
Romsterdo you spend all your time on that site?10:13
nrxtxjust in between when i'm bored10:13
Romsteri never have enough time anymore.10:14
Romsterfew hours here few hours there.10:14
nrxtxdepends for me, my exams and courses are done, gave me a lot of free time since i did that on the weekends the last year10:20
nrxtxthat's why i did a lot the last month, after finishing all personal stuff for some weeks i finally had some time for my projects :D10:25
nrxtxso also if you have ideas how to support working and maintaing ports i'll give it a try building something10:27
nrxtxlike the daily check for validations or similiar10:28
Romsterah i told teK__ about gimp and he never saw that in irc.10:32
teK__fix will be pushed later today :)10:33
Romstermaybe i should email you in future teK__10:33
Romsternrxtx, well a 404 file checker would be good.10:34
Romstercrux has such a script10:34
Romstertheir. that should be the last of the libjpeg changes. wine had libjpeg-32 still10:37
teK__I surely do not read all backlog on irc but hilights should get through..10:37
Romstercould that be expanded to check compat-32 xorg and contrib?10:39
Romstermight be that you change your nick that often teK__10:40
Romstersome days its tek_ tek- tek-- havne't seen tek++ yet :D10:40
Romsternrxtx, though part of my service will be checking for missing files as well.10:42
teK__I can update the php script, sure10:42
Romstercool it's handy but having it track all the official repos would be great.10:42
nrxtxRomster: that's also good since getting the source url often requires running the script10:42
nrxtxwhich i'm currently not doing10:43
RomsterteK__, oh and a minor change all my portdb urls have can you update that to crux.ster.zone10:44
Romsteri plan to drop when that domain expires10:44
nrxtxdepending on libjpeg checked 10 hours ago:
Romsteri've did a bunch just before.10:47
nrxtxfor libjpeg-32 it was only wine, which is already fixed i guess10:47
RomsterteK__, links on opt core in point to 3.0 as well.10:48
Romsteractually i can probably edit that...10:48
Romsteri didn't see testdisk10:50
Romsteroh no space at the end of course...10:51
nrxtxThen there are only the third-party ones with libjpeg:
nrxtxbut that'll take some time until everyone notices10:52
Romsteryeah not so fussed over those.10:54
nrxtxme too, i can check again for the official ones after the next sync10:55
Romsteri'm only concerned about official ones.10:58
Romsternow that is the last of them.10:58
Romsterfrinnst, would you mind rebuilding thunderbird with libjpeg-turbo support and add the dependency or do that on the next release?10:59
Romsteris finally down? despite them saying they got enough funding to keep it open for awhile longer?11:04
Romsterhmm seems to be redirected to openhub.net11:07
frinnstRomster: yeah thats on the todo list11:11
frinnstmight as well do it now..11:34
Romsternot sure what else needs fixing.11:36
Romsteri see it updated.12:29
frinnstthere are some additional libjpeg -> libjpeg-turbo changes that need doing in opt12:50
frinnstmplayer, slim and a few others12:50
frinnstspice too12:51
frinnstah, romster fixed all that12:54
teK__he did?12:57
teK__good to know..12:57
Romsteryeah, i said awhile ago fixed libjpeg/libjpeg-turbo on everything13:00
frinnstbut its a *wall* of text :)13:07
Romsteri know....13:12
Romsterwould of thought the git commit message been obvious though.13:12
teK__12:37 < teK__> I surely do not read all backlog on irc but hilights should get through..13:13
Romsteri never highlighted13:14
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