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teK__subscribee of our crux-reports list :o07:28
Romstereh new list?08:40
Romsterph an old list08:41
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jaegerplayed with the hardening flags a bit in my test VM. glibc really doesn't want to cooperate12:47
Amnesiajaeger: yep, afaik other distro's also disable them on glibc..12:52
AmnesiaI'll check it out this evenin12:52
Amnesiais there any chance you could share the vm with me? If so I can help as well with a couple of ports12:53
jaegerEven disabling them, glibc seems to break12:53
jaegerin some cases it seems to be ignoring CFLAGS or explicitly taking the ones used in configure, so I'm still experimenting12:55
jaegerI can bundle up the VM later on, at work now12:55
jaegeryeah, I've searched around and found plenty of references to it but not a fix12:56
Amnesiadunno whether is still applicable..?12:58
jaegerI've actually tried exactly what he suggests. build libs without, programs with12:59
jaegerthat error I pasted comes from that build12:59
Amnesiaah ok13:00
Amnesiajaeger: check out:
Amnesia  # remove hardening options for building libraries13:01
jaegerI have. :)13:01
jaegerI'll paste the Pkgfile in a min13:02
jaegeralso, for reference, in pkgmk.conf:13:02
jaegerexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=x86-64 -fstack-protector --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -pipe"13:02
jaegerexport CXXFLAGS="${CFLAGS}"13:02
Amnesiahave you changed the ldflags var aswell?13:04
jaegerno. one thing at a time, I figure. :)13:04
jaegerI bet that altering the CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS before configure is what's needed to solve the problem. I should have thought of that last night but I was tired13:05
jaeger(as opposed to after configure)13:06
jaeger <-- I bet that this Pkgfile would work13:08
Amnesiahm it looks quite similar to arch's pkgbuild, so I guess so13:09
jaegerI'll test it when I get home13:10
frinnstI have a patch ready for exim once i get home for CVE-2014-297213:52
jaegersounds like 4.83 makes a patch unnecessary13:53
frinnstI mean the patch for the port :)14:00
frinnstrequires some adjustments for exim-compile_number.patch14:00
frinnst if you wanna push14:04
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frinnstcruxbot is a bit fucked it seems15:05
jaegeryeah, looks that way. :(15:15
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jaegerhrmm... esxi hosts work better when all of their VLANs are trunked properly15:22
jaegerboo. vsphere 6 beta 2 trial license can't be used in a vcenter 5.5 environment15:25
jaegerso no trashcan mac pro ESXi hosts for now15:25
frinnsti think that was the first commit to 3.1 core after the announce changes15:56
frinnstwonder if the next commit will break it15:56
jaegerI don't think it'll break anything in git, maybe just cruxbot. Though perhaps that's what you meant16:38
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jaegerI still dig my 2.9k17:42
jaeger2.5k? whatever17:42
jaegerhrmm, those 2 lines somehow ended up in the wrong channel, ignore them19:05
teK__now you have to tell us19:05
jaegerI refuse!19:05
teK__I have a YT video19:06
teK__wait :D19:06
jaegerIt was a discussion about 4k monitors in another channel19:07
jaegerI muted cruxbot temporarily :P19:26
teK__there are 2.9k and 2.5k monitors?19:59
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jaegerwell, mine's 2560x1440 so I kinda made up 2.5k20:49
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novakI built a 3840x1200 array out of laptop screens last year.21:01
jaegernearly the same :)21:03
novakI meant x2400- 16:10 aspect ratio21:04
novakIt was before cheap 4K panels, but it's actually cheaper than 4k options even now.21:05
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