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Romsterthat extra port and xorg-server 1.16.0 and kernel .25 should of been on the iso damn it.07:54
Romsterlibepoxy that is07:55
pitillogood morning, can someone make again a change in pitillo rsync? from to lokalix.uni.cx07:55
frinnstwhy? it weeds out the lesser users07:55
Romsterwht because the kernel don't anymore so it's xorgs turn?07:55
frinnstlook, this always happens with all crux releases. Something comes out with a new dependency that requires manual installation07:56
frinnstand iirc you didnt like the idea of a dependency aware sysup ?07:56
Romsteri wasn't for it no. -_-07:57
Romsterblantantly injecting stuff that a user may not want07:57
Romsterpitillo, checking that e18 works on crux 3.1?07:58
Romsterbeen back in pekwm lately but i should check that too.07:59
Romster<brian|lfs> xorg server won't upgrade and firefox doesn't download, guess people like that don't deserve to run crux? thinking the project is dead.08:04
frinnstYes and if my dad tried to install crux he would also think it sucked08:05
frinnstIm not trying to be an elitist asshole08:05
frinnstbut we cant really cater to everyone and I dont think we should08:05
Romsteri sometimes wonder. but yeah we can't cover /everything/ i know.08:05
frinnstwhen trying to build xorg-server he gets a quite clear error message "missing epoxy" or something like that08:06
frinnstand in the context of the other output you can clearly tell you are missing a dependency08:06
Romsterpersonally if it was me i'd upload a new iso with libepoxy and kernel 3.10.2508:07
Romsteryes that's pretty obvious but i guess that guy did not see that.08:07
frinnstthe kernel on the iso is patched for the CVE already. if thats what youre worried about08:07
Romsternah not worried about that and i know that.08:07
Romsterand recompile the xorg ports so therye alreayd ABI ready for xorg-server08:08
Romsterbut that stuff just happend to have came out just after our release.08:08
Romsterthat we delayed for longer than we should have.08:08
frinnstbut yeah. If jaeger is up for it we could push out a refreshed ISO08:08
Romsterand the documentation on the iso is old as it was pointing to 3.0 and not 3.108:09
Romsteri'm not having a dig at anyone here. but i was thinking that wouldn't be a bad idea just do what other projects do push out a new iso update the md5sum with them changes call it crux-3.1 still.08:10
Romsterunless no one is afraid to use crux 3.1.108:11
Romstersnce we only did that once for 2.7.108:11
frinnstAnd by the way. I never take stuff like this personally - debate and discussion is a *good* thing08:11
Romsteri make my opinions known but it's up to you and the rest if you agree or not. but not having any input is worse in my opinion. i am here to help.08:11
Romsterand i know i can be a pest -_-08:12
Romsterbecause of that.08:12
frinnstJust replacing the iso and keep the same name might be troublesome for mirrors08:12
Romsterdon't they all sync over night.08:13
frinnstnot sure if all mirrors check the checksum or if it just goes by filename08:13
Romsterbut that is a valid point.08:13
frinnstprobably filesize and not checksum08:14
Romsterrsync we so need to get working again.08:14
Romsteri bet he optusnet mirror is old because of this.08:14
Romsterand possibly others08:14
Romster i made a meta file of the mirrors and it does have partial sha1sums so it can validate chunks much like zsync over http with checksums08:15
Romsterso even if a mirror was old it would detect that and grab it from another mirror.08:16
Romsterjust a shame wget dont' have meta4 support yet08:16
Romsterguess though ask jaeger what he thinks08:17
Romsterand he arn't here either hmm08:17
frinnsthes sleeping08:18
frinnstbut yeah, a refreshed "official" iso might be a good thing - xorg-server abi, firefox and documentation08:18
Romsterfirefox arnt' so bad there is no new deps but it wouldn't hurt the documemtation though which would be right since jaeger did fix the links after the iso was made.08:20
frinnstyeah but it might be a pain for someone that just installed crux complete with X08:21
Romsterthat's what i was really getting at or a bit of hurt for those still upgrading from 3.008:22
frinnst10:12 <Romster> and i know i can be a pest -_-08:25
frinnstI dont think that at all08:25
frinnstIf you believe something is a good idea you *need* to be a pest and champion the idea08:26
frinnstI wonder if the linux action show appearance will bring new users to crux08:35
frinnstguess that depends on how bad I fuck up :)08:35
teK__< frinnst> why? it weeds out the lesser users <-- you have to know that maybe not all of us hate people08:36
frinnstlol08:36 is working, Romster08:36
teK__I^Wmav fixed it08:37 and are behind these IP adresses, if you wonder08:37
teK__optusnet is simply out of sync because it doesnt sync anymore.08:37
teK__ might be of interest for you08:38
Romsteri thought it wasn't syncing because of that rsync.crux.nu08:39
Romsterso now we need to inform optusnet and the rest to point to rsync.crux.nu08:39
teK__wrong ;)08:40
teK__prologic is taking care of optusnet08:40
Romsterso goes to jaegers server?08:40
teK__and mine.08:40
Romsterround robin?08:40
teK__and we have to collect contact info about server admins for our mirros, which, currently, does not seem to exist08:40
teK__two entries for the A records08:40
Romsteryeah i saw that. we are lacking that.08:41
teK__% dig +short rsync.crux.nu08:41
teK__I hope clients will the round-robin. Will see in i a few days as I enabled logging just now08:43
Romsterwe need contacts from all, and all should be using rsync from rsync.crux.nu08:44
Romsterthen we will be on track.08:44
Romstercontempating if we should use something better on our mirror page like mirrorbrain.08:45
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teK__we do not live in utopia :-)09:08
teK__but yes.09:08
teK__We will see about that.09:08
frinnstspeaking of utopia09:59
frinnstfucking awesome09:59
teK__I watched and loved season 110:04
teK__s02 started two weeks ago10:05
teK__not sure what to think about it, an actress from GoT plays a central role and it's completely differnt to S01 (setting, time, people)10:06
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frinnstteK__: nah, thats just the first episode12:27
frinnsta sort of prequel12:27
frinnstep 2 continiues where s01 left off12:27
frinnstthere has been 2 "regular" episodes of season212:43
jaegerwhere did the docs on the ISO point to 3.0?13:16
jaegerAs for a dep-aware sysup, I personally think it's a requirement, not a preference.13:21
jaegerlibepoxy, for example, is required for the new xorg-server. You install it or xorg-server doesn't work.13:21
jaegernot much of a choice13:21
teK__frinnst: dunno if there's two different series19:09
teK__round-robin of rsync. is in effect \o/19:48
teK__jaeger: should we announce as master, too?19:48
frinnstwhat, you've seen more than one prequel episode?20:34
frinnstmaybe you found some other series named "utopia"? :)20:34
teK__that's what I was suggesting20:34
teK__is there some scene in a comic or VHS/DVD store where some peeps kill everybody except a child?20:35
frinnstyeah thats the first episode of the first season20:35
frinnstand they kill everyone20:35
teK__and another scene where the 'first' owner of the book/comic/sheet... gets killed by being thrown off his flat's roof?20:35
teK__ok seriously wtf :D20:36
teK__and some of the folks will flee to some villa on the countryside20:37
jaegerteK__: fine by me if you want to add it to the list21:04
teK__does it make sense?21:17
teK__don't have a real opinion on it21:17
jaegerI figure as long as we have at least 1 "master" that's up and available most of the time it's good. 1 more wouldn't hurt at all21:24

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