IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-07-26

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jaeger3.1 seems much more popular than previous releases. I'm up to 30.42:1 torrent ratio now and that's just my seed, haven't looked at others yet15:22
jaegerthere's one with 16.45 on the tracker, another with 26.903, one with 7.16515:25
teK__we cannot prevent them doing this, right?15:26
teK__and they are hotlinking to serverop.de15:27
teK__I am mad now15:27
teK__the 'article' by Marius Nestor comes from a self proclaimed arch linux power user15:28
teK__Title: A lightweight, independent and i686-optimized Linux distribution that follows the KISS principle15:28
frinnstR: 23.0215:35
frinnstthat's me15:35
frinnstlol tek15:35
teK__thinking about a goatse-redirect for that referer15:35
teK__they _earn_ money with that shitty site15:37
teK__step one: poke that fucker via Twitter15:37
teK__Downloads: 3,22915:37
teK___I_ would know about that, eh?15:38
frinnstthey probably count all cliks on the download link15:38
frinnstas in spiders that follows links etc15:38
frinnstdid you notice any increase in traffic?15:39
frinnstif not, i'd just ignore it (if you are calm enough) :)15:39
teK__% zgrep 'crux-3\.1.\iso' /var/log/lighttpd/access* | egrep 'softpedia' -c15:40
teK__and he also did not advertise us on his shitty twitter account but for arch he did15:45
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pitilloRomster: not yet... at least not seriously (I've been running 3.1 in vbox (ubuntu host at work) with e18 and I had some strange behaviour 2 months ago)16:19
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