IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-07-29

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frinnstmaybe wait a few days before pushing tar 1.28?08:25
frinnstlet others sort out the bugs :p08:25
frinnstdoesnt look like any major changes tho08:25
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nrxtxteK_: if libsdl is already a dependency of qemu why not enable it as sound output as suggestion?20:31
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teK_will this work without additional dependencies like sdl_sound?20:43
nrxtxhm should give it a try, at least alsa would be nice, having only oss enabled by default is kind of unusable on desktop systems20:45
teK_and unncecessary for servers20:45
teK_sound is not disabled by any flags so I could add the dependencies (which one?) as nice to have20:46
nrxtxteK_: you can add alsa-libs, but qemu will not use it20:51
nrxtxby default it always only builds oss audio driver20:52
nrxtxyou really have to specify it with --audio-drv-list=oss,alsa at configure, there is not auto-detection20:52
nrxtxcurrently i have my own qemu-desktop port in parallel to the official ones20:53
nrxtxwith that line patched in20:53
nrxtxfrinnst: any success?21:00
nrxtxi wonder how airlieds 3d acceleration for qemu works nowadays21:04
teK_that sucks qemu-wise21:53

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