IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-07-30

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frinnstnew libdrm again. makes our header patch redundant atleast07:36
Romsterwhy am i seeing control codes in man pages/09:01
Romsterand stuff09:01
teK_screwed ENV/parameters09:01
Romsterand apparantly the fix is to add -C to groff and the rest to not output colour09:01
Romsterexport LESSCHARSET="latin1" export LESS="-R" export CHARSET="ISO-8859-1"09:02
Romsterwoulnd't be because of that?09:02
Romsterdon't see it in the bash/profile09:04
Romsterok those caused that i merged and kept them.09:06
Romsterbut no i get missing glyphs com‐09:07
Romstermaybe i forgot my localegen09:07
Romsternope some missing glyphs but that's better than i had it.09:16
RomsterLANG=C man ... works but when i use LANG='en_AU.utf8' man .. then i get missing glyphs.09:21
Romsterand a linefeed09:21
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teK_the hotlinker answered on twitter, wanting to know which software I meant12:41
teK_all if ot, scumbag :>12:41
teK_jfyi: I had my third phone interview with Google last week and was rejected yesterday13:24
teK_but iirc I was the only one trying it first place13:24
frinnstwhat did you interview for? anything specific?14:23
teK_site reliabilty engineer14:47
teK_I'm rather sad about it as I screwed up the coding part, the last interview was one hour of blood swaet and tears :P14:48
teK_could have aced that, really14:48
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