IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-08-03

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frinnstthat crux review thingy is tonight14:32
nrxtxreview thingy?15:03
rexichdo tell, what is it about? :D15:15
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jaegerfrinnst: the live recording stream is up, jblive.tv16:51
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nrxtxhi teK_17:09
nrxtxjaeger: what is that about?17:09
jaegerit's a linux stuff show/broadcast17:20
nrxtxah they will talk about crux?17:21
jaegeryeah, not sure exactly when but they're reviewing it today and then interviewing frinnst tuesday, I believe17:25
nrxtxso lets hope there are no 404s :D17:26
jaegerI do think we need to implement something to fix that, more than the mirror list in pkgmk.conf17:34
jaegerI started a pkgutils rewrite recently but as I'm very rusty and have less time it'll take a while17:34
nrxtxshows starting18:22
teK_hello nrxtx / folks18:27
nrxtxteK_: open the stream you have good timing :)18:27
teK_just having a quick break from watching american psycho with my gf18:28
nrxtxlive crux review18:28
teK_oh I have to get rid of that, fiancè, not gf. :o18:29
teK_the right guy looks like Kevin's evil brother from Kevin alone home18:29
teK_that's why he wouldnt run CRUX. :x18:30
teK_and why are they sitting in the mountains?!18:31
teK_are there questions coming up after the bashing and nagging? :)18:32
nrxtxwe'll see18:32
teK_is this the parenting channel?18:33
teK_yeah noobs.. if there's no jaeger or frinnst talking soon I'm going to quit18:34
nrxtxi guess frinnst is in the interview if i got this right?18:35
horrorStruckmy 3 kids hate me now :(18:35
teK_because you compiled too much18:36
horrorStruckno just becausei installed crux one day, few years ago :(18:36
teK_afk again :)18:37
nrxtxteK_: got my hint on cyrus-sasl header missing?18:37
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frinnsthave they done the review? just started watching19:00
nrxtxfrinnst: yes they are done19:00
frinnstguess i need to catch the non-live show then.19:01
frinnstdid they "like" it?19:01
nrxtxuhm they find it quite time consuming19:02
nrxtxtaking like two days to set it up for the review19:02
nrxtxgood for learning linux internals, only recommended for advanced linux users19:02
frinnstwell, yeah :)19:03
frinnsti dont think i'd install it for my father19:03
rexichwhere can I find the review? i'd like to see it :)19:03
nrxtxthey wont use it by themselves19:04
frinnstdo we have any download /rsync stats?19:04
nrxtxfrinnst: according to the reddit question thread, the systemd question will definitely be there XD19:21
teK_not readily availabe, frinnst19:55
teK_and we have some mirrors not under our control so I have no idea about downloads.19:55
teK_I count 219 unique IPs for crux-3.1.iso on via HTTP19:59
teK_13 for rsync20:00
teK_but that's probably only our mirrors20:00
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frinnstyeah unique ips for port rsyncs are probably more interesting21:39
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Workster2 days i cna set it up in less than a day now. but then they probably lack the experience.23:59

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