IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-08-04

Worksterjaeger, is your pkgutils work on github or somewhere for me to look at whats done?00:03
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jaegerno, it's not even useful yet. If I have time to make it into actual useful software I'll of course share it05:39
jaegeranyway, past my bedtime05:39
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Romsterjue frinnst opt/lvm2 needs a bump to new libdevmapper, or should i just do it? jue on holidays?09:48
frinnstah, yes go ahead and bump it09:55
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frinnstmavrick61 [~mavrick61@] has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds] <- doesnt look too good15:50
jaegeryeah, seems so. for a while now15:52
jaegerhrmm... just noticed that the paths don't match16:16
jaegerwell, they match for the crux/ module but not ports/16:17
jaegercan we add a ports module to ?16:17
nrxtxwhere is the mirror :D18:53
jaegerwhich mirror?19:00
nrxtxi hope frinnst knows all wiki pages word by word when they go in the community review tomorrow :D19:02
nrxtxjaeger: did you watch the review from yesterday?19:11
nrxtxwhat do you think?19:16
jaeger08:19 <@jaeger> just watched the LAS review, seemed totally fair to me19:18
frinnstP� grund av en avgr�vd kabel s� g�r det f�r n�rvarande inte att komma in p� KalmarFF:s hemsida. Vi beklagar detta. Det arbetas med att f� ordning p� detta och ber�knas att vara klart ca 01:00 i natt.21:16
frinnstright, that's from Kalmar FF's facebook page. (football club, hosted at kalmarndc. Same datacenter as
frinnstit translates rougly to that a cable was cut and its expected to be repaired in about two hours21:17
jaegerah, good to know21:17
frinnstpoor charlie21:19
jaegerfrinnst: have they told you what the format will be for the interview?23:31
jaegermumble and irc or something similar?23:31

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