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Romsterstill down, i gues ot02:33
Romsteri guess its a bigger job to repair02:33
frinnstsome voip thingy07:28
frinnstdont remember what it was called07:29
frinnstdamn, they still havent repaired the cable07:30
frinnst23:50 Supplier informed us that they know exactly where the cable is cut but they won't make any further reparations until tomorrow because the cables are very near electrical cables and they don't want to take any risks with repairing in the dark. Reparations will continue at about 06:00 and ETR is 11:00.07:31
Romsterits still out07:51
Romsterthat blows07:51
Romsterhave they not heard of lights07:52
Romsterlamps generator if this was in australia they woud be working 24/7 to fix it08:16
Romsterout to table tennis08:17
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frinnstCurrent ETR: 2014-08-05 - 20:00 CET11:39
frinnstgeez, how long can it take to fix if they have located the break?11:39
teK_keep calm :D12:09
jaegerteK_: would you mind adding the ports/ module, speaking of that?12:51
teK_of course not12:51
teK_how are you syncing that from
jaegerseems to be about 840MB12:51
teK_df(1) says I'm fine12:51
jaeger10 */3* * */usr/bin/rsync -az --delete --delete-after /srv/rsync/ports/ >/dev/null 2>&112:52
jaegerinteresting that the paste ate a space between */3 and * but there is one there in the crontab :)12:52
jaegerand between * and /usr, weird12:52
teK_I noticed/wondered, too12:53
jaegerseems specific to irssi or my terminal, pasting it elsewhere worked12:53
teK_so I will use 5 */3 so I'm more current than you :>12:54
jaegeroh, it's the tab chars. how odd12:54
jaegerhehe, ok :)12:54
teK_(I don't want to hit the server the same time when you do)12:54
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sepenhey, still down14:39
teK_but you are here14:40
teK_so we have to turn off more often? ._.14:40
sepenthats right14:41
sepenteK_: this is the first time I can do admin tasks at office since I arrived here14:41
sepenATM moving our stuff to Google Cloud14:41
sepenI worked as php/js backend developer for over 5 months or so :P14:42
sepenlol 20:00 CET?14:44
sepenonly for a cable reparation? Sweden begins to resemble Spain :D14:45
jaegerwelcome back14:45
sepenhey jaeger! thanks14:45
sepenI did not have enough time for irssi14:46
sepenthe fact is that I've some pending commits for cmake, chromium and new deps for both14:47
jaegergood timing, hehe14:48
sepenwas weird to me that cannot run git push14:48
nrxtxhi sepen nice to hear of the pending commits :)14:49
sepenyep, and thanks to you guys for updating some ports, my new life (with a little girl) is hard ATM14:49
sepennrxtx: hehe14:49
sepenI delayed that a lot, chromium moved to ninja builds (instead of make) and requires more work14:49
nrxtxwas about to update the chromium one myself and sent it to you :)14:49
nrxtxyeah i noticed that14:50
sepenalso I had some troubles with parallel jobs with ninja builds14:50
sepenI got some weird compiler errors that dissapeared after force ninja to -j114:50
nrxtxbut chromium with -j1 .... ages it will take14:52
sepenno with ninja builds14:53
sepentakes 1 hour or so here14:53
nrxtxah ok14:53
sepenexactly 2 hours and 5 minutes14:54
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frinnstwhen did crux switch to udev from the kernel devfs ?18:15
frinnstor whatever it was called18:15
jaegerhrmm, good question. I don't remember exactly18:16
jaeger <-- was written/updated in march 200618:17
jaegerso somewhere around there, I guess. which release came after that?18:17
frinnstyeah 2.1-2.218:19
frinnst2.1 was the last i think18:19
frinnstthats when i started using crux18:19
frinnsttime flies :)18:19
jaeger <-- also sounds like 2.218:19
jaegeryeah, no doubt18:19
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jaegerfrinnst: they're asking for you in the voice chat, heh20:39
nrxtxfull channel20:40
frinnstits mumble right?20:41
frinnstfucking putty scroll is broken20:41
frinnstdid you see any server info?20:41, Port: 6473420:41
jaegeris that the one?20:42
jaegerfrinnst: I'm in the IRC chat, just can't do voice from work20:42
nrxtxlol what a comparison20:43
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nrxtxhi sepen good timing for joining the live stream21:09
jaegerfrinnst: nicely done, in my opinion. :)21:48
frinnsti need foood21:49
jaegerI'll push a libdevmapper update21:50
frinnstoh god, I wonder how retarded i'll sound when i listen back to it22:07
jaegersounded fine22:07
frinnstaaw you're sweet. but have you ever listened to a recording of yourself? :)22:08
frinnstfelt really awkward but i guess if you do it often you get used to it22:10
jaegerYeah, I know what you mean. You always sound dumb/different to yourself.22:10
jaegerteK_: the portdb cacher should maybe be run out of schedule as it's nearly blank right now due to the outage. :)22:25
nrxtx\o/ all the ports are gone22:26
nrxtxclean and minimal crux as discussed on the interview22:26
nrxtxjaeger: i guess the script will run in the next 2hours22:31
jaeger0700 CEST I think22:32
jaegerI might be wrong22:32
nrxtxyeah sounds better i have my sync a bit earlier22:38
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