IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-08-06

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pitillohello good morning. Can someone change pitillo's repo URL from to ?07:56
teK_I can do that later today, yes08:28
pitillothank you teK_08:37
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sepen@seen jue14:21
sepenwell, apache 2.4.10 was released with some security fixes
sepenalso they removed 2.4.9 which is in our Pkgfile14:22
frinnstah. jue is on vacation14:49
frinnstare you able to push an update? or I can do it later14:49
sepenI had this intention, as others have done this for me (like u)15:06
sepenhmm what about 3.0, should be keep the maintainement for a bit?15:28
frinnstyeah you could cherry-pick it from 3.115:30
frinnstbackporting security updates is the nice thing to do :)15:31
frinnstand since arm is still at 3.0 this makes sense15:31
jaegerthat's the way I do it, cherry-pick15:32
sepenyep, think that too15:33
sepenI should do that also for my last commits, chromium, gnutls, cmake, etc.15:34
sepenthanks for your POV15:34
sepenapache 2.4.x is only for 3.1 branch15:46
jaegerno need to cherry-pick, then, I'd say15:48
jaegerAnyone in here do tape backups at work?15:59
teK_+1 for cherry-picking. Still had no time to upgrade to 3.1 :)16:56
sepenthere are some conflicts16:58
sepenI need more time, maybe when arrived back to home16:58
sepenanyone in here with knowledgement about CoreOS?16:59
sepenin google cloud I can select between some distros, currently I'm working with centos6 but never heard about coreos17:00
teK_that's a windows-clone, iirc17:04
jaegerI haven't used coreos, myself17:18
jaegerI have been using centos today, though17:18
nrxtxcoreos is very nice, it uses systemd as single software for everything in a container17:20
nrxtxnothing else needed in a container17:21
nrxtxbest choice if you want to break with every unix stlye17:21
nrxtxsepen: i tried it once but when i was logged in and everything was about how to use systemd for service management i dumped the virtual machine and went on with more interesting topics17:24
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teK_frinnst / jaeger: openssl update22:25
teK_9 CVEs fixed22:25
teK_ /o\22:25
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frinnst0.9.8zb for i guess :)23:29
teK_stfu :D23:29
teK_thanks for reminding me23:29
frinnstmostly DoS issues it seems23:31
teK_looking for the openssl port I rolled..23:31
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Worksterdies of laughter23:43
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WorksterteK_, jaeger any chance you could figure out why cruxbot is going nuts?23:55
Worksteralso it needs some flood throttling code too.23:55
Worksterto slow it down on large amount of commits23:56

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