IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2014-08-07

Worksterjava jre/jdk is at 7u6700:10
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frinnstfeel free to update jre07:24
teK_we need some sane policy on this08:00
teK_i.e. the securit-notorious ports may be updated by everybody within the same maintainer group if the maintainer is not available08:00
teK_bind and my vacation end of august comes to mind..08:01
Romsterwill do just got home. and lvm208:03
Romsteri'd prefer each port to have a group of maintainers.08:04
Romsteror more like maintainer and contributors, the later fixinf build issues and version bumps etc.08:05
Romsterbut how we have xorg now is better08:05
teK_yeah that's ok because ports are rather trivial but massive in the numbers08:08
Romsterwhich is why i always thought of groups of people on each port. like those with a interest and use the same port08:09
Romsterbut i guess it's more of us bumping stuff if its security 404 or wont build08:09
Romsterdoes it just fall on jue jaeger teK_ frinnst and myself to bump stuff.08:11
teK_and maybe sepen, after he recovered from his new time sinks :p08:13
Romsterwhen he does, i se he was on earlier and did some updating.08:14
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Romstercan someone bump libdevmapper to 109 please 108 is gone.08:59
RomsterteK_, busy? ^09:03
Romsteroh nevermind it has already09:03
teK_I'm at work right now09:11
teK_fixing delphi 4 report printing :o09:11
Romsterits been bumped without me first checking.09:19
Romsterlast i checked t got bumped to 108 but it's on 109 now already and i just bumped jre jdk and lvm2 to match09:19
Romsteri might have found a bug09:30
Romsterprt-get dup qt409:30
Romstermight just be my pc others are ok09:33
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Romsterlibdevmapper: updated to version 1.02.8810:49
Romsterthere is no 89 yet so i got lvm2 higher atm. libdevmapper needs a bump as 88 is no longer on the site.10:50
Romsterah i'm confused the 88 driver is using 10910:50
Romsterthink i need to take a rest10:51
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teK_wtf :D20:54
teK_crazy russians :>20:54
nrxtxwhat did i just read Oo21:02
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teK_oooh PHP22:56
teK_DB Error: mismatch22:56
teK_who can guess what that means? :p22:56
teK_don't cheat by googling22:56
jaegerversion issue?23:20
teK_nah, prepared statement has less/more placeholders than specified in the execquery23:22
jaegerah :)23:22
teK_php is harder than C :|23:22

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