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frinnstjaeger have you gotten your car yet?14:06
jaegeryes. :) Got it on July 8th14:08
sepensubaru poWa!!14:13
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teK_looks nice14:51
teK_the driveway, too14:51
teK_very american. I like that idyll14:51
jaegerheh, thanks14:51
teK_how much HP?14:52
jaegerthe old driveway was terrible14:52
jaeger3 more than the older one on the side, heh14:52
teK_with less weight? :))14:52
jaeger.5 liter smaller engine than the older one, 2.0 now14:52
teK_oh boy14:52
jaegerslightly. still weighs 3300 pounds14:52
jaegernot bad for its power to weight ratio14:53
teK_2.0l for ~270HP is not bad. Turbo I guess? ;)14:53
teK_I love your use of units14:53
jaegeryes, turbo and all wheel drive, very fun14:53
jaegeramerica is silly with units14:53
teK_wanted to ask for litres gas/100km but decided against the answer of gallons per mile :D14:53
jaeger~26.5 miles per gallon, you can do the conversion :)14:54
teK_all wheel drive is nice but adds ~200 pounds weight14:54
teK_can I? :P14:54
teK_11.2663082 kilometers per liter14:54
teK_thanks google14:54
teK_thats distance per amount of gas14:55
teK_you are crazy :>14:55
teK_have to convert it AGAIN14:55
jaegerthat's the common measurement here14:55
jaegeroops, my VPN key has expired. guess I can't check on the backup I configured yesterday, heh14:56
jaegeroh well, it'll be there monday14:57
teK_that's 8.8 l/100km, not bad. My (smallish) BMW takes 6.6 with 140HP14:58
jaegerIt's decent for a turbo AWD car, yeah. Not the most efficient thing but it's lots of fun14:59
teK_it's not a diesel engine, right?14:59
teK_and still, gas is dirt-cheap in the US when compared to Europe14:59
jaegerwhich is always amusing to hear since it's like 400% of what it was when I was a kid15:00
teK_resta ssured that my father can claim that, too15:00
jaegerno doubt, inflation happens everywhere15:01
teK_Dubai won't build redicilous high buildings wihtout money ;)15:01
teK_even if there's no oil anymore :P15:01
teK_may I ask what you had to pay for that ride?15:02
jaeger~29k USD15:09
jaegerI didn't get the STi like jue has, thouhg. It was a bit too much more money for my taste15:10
teK_sounds cheap:)15:10
jaegerIt's not a very expensive car in the larger scope but it's the most expensive one I've bought personally15:11
jaegerI usually drive used cars anyway but I liked this one so much I bought it new15:11
teK_hehe, nice15:12
teK_the BMW would have cost 30k EUR so I feel ripped off now :P15:12
jaegerwhich BMW do you drive?15:14
teK_we put in quite some extras, to be honest15:16
teK_we like it very much17:38
teK_my brother got a BMW 435i cabriolet as subtitue this week17:39
teK_but if I had a choice, I'd always go  for a Audi A5. Have wanted that car for the last 8 years ;)17:40
jaegera classic :)19:10
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frinnstour offices are located in an office estate. the owner of a big-ish online retailer just traded in his white gallardo convertible for a brand spanking new sls convertible23:05
frinnstI need to start making proper money :D23:05
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