IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-08-11

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teK_do you happen to know if I can install windows server 2012 without (initially) entering a key?20:37
jaegerI did not get to do any code reading or coding over the weekend20:37
teK_don't worry ;)20:38
jaegerI do not know, sorry. I've only done one server 2012 install and I don't remember any of it, to be honest20:38
teK_be happy :P20:39
teK_thanks anyway20:39
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jaegerteK_: It was entertaining at least because I did the core install and the windows admin couldn't drive it20:40
teK_I couldnt either.20:41
teK_but I'd never call myself a windows admin anyway..20:43
jaegernor I20:43
nrxtxits always a bit tricky to update crux on a remote machine :D20:45
nrxtxnow i only have to find out why it does not boot ... :/20:45
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jaegerhope it has IPMI or a KVM, heh20:47
nrxtxvirtual kvm, as switching it into qemu with vnc access20:48
nrxtxbut you won't get the same error there since it then has default qemu hardware and not the host one XD20:48
jaegerI'm guessing you're talking about two separate machines, one virtual and one not20:51
jaegerI meant whichever one failed to boot20:51
nrxtxjaeger: no the same, the server has a rescue network boot loading a minimal linux image with qemu, which then starts a virtual machine with the servers harddisk20:55
nrxtxquite nicely done20:55
jaegerwhile that's cool the end result is another machine, more or less20:58
jaegerat least as far as not being able to see its boot failure20:58
jaegerneat idea, definitely20:58
nrxtxyeah but its the rc.d/net script making problems, since the interface name differs as far as i got it now :D20:59
frinnstteK_: it depends on the iso21:41
frinnstour volume license downloads dont require a cdkey, ever, really21:41
frinnstbut it begins to nag after a month21:42
nrxtxteK_: qemu is missing "glib" as dependency21:58
teK_I just installed a eval version of it and run DISM /online /Get-TargetEditions22:15
teK_it claims I can upgrade to standard server retail something22:15
teK_nrxtx: will check that out tomorrow22:16
nrxtxand cyrus-sasl is still broken i guess22:25
nrxtxat least for some22:26
teK_that glib thingy could have come with 2.1.022:26
teK_not sure.22:26
nrxtxpatch is available in aur of arch for cyrus-sasl (the size_t one)22:27
nrxtxteK_: thx n822:27
teK_will check it out22:27
teK_thanks for the hint22:27
teK_(and qemu, too)22:27
nrxtxah not aur, the official package:
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