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c0xmemtest86plus on large memory buggy07:03
c0xmemtest86 v4.3.7 - works ok07:04
Worksteroh i forgot about that damn bug in gcc changing ASM instruction07:09
c0x4.20 sees only 2Gb07:18
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Romsterc0x, can you ports -u contrib ; prt-get update memtest86+10:19
Romster5.01 is there now10:19
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sepenhi again10:36
sepenRomster: why you pollute the info in irc?10:37
Romsterudev is still the old version10:38
Romsterbecause i was using it and had bad experiences.10:39
Romstergudev i meant not udev.10:39
sependo y10:39
sependo you have problem with xfce ?, every day to report anything negative on the channel, when you know it's not the place to do it10:39
sepenthe site to highlight what remains outdated is flyspray10:40
sepennot telling that info to new users10:40
Romsterok sorry10:40
sepenanyway, xfce is working for 3.0 as it doesn't have any 3.1 branch yet10:40
sepenwhy confuse people?10:41
Romsterwell i realize you havne't updated it yet. and i didn't even mention that to him either.10:41
Romsteri recomended himt o use the gudev in contrib as it's in line with core/eudev10:41
Romsterthat is all10:41
sepenyou said: "Romster: you can try xfce but i think it's largely broken."10:42
Romsteryeah because it's not updated to 3.110:42
sepenso maybe the best option is to tell the xfce maintainer about that10:42
sepenmy dream is not having to stay 24/7 on the irc channel, I've a mail account for that10:44
sepenand flyspray is the place where issues should be reported10:44
Romsterwell i had a busy day i just been to table tennis i not logna go got home my mind is still racing and then i started to fix ports and chat at the same time.10:46
sepenapology, but is not to my liking what I read lately in the irc backlog10:46
Romsterwell something that major i'd of expected you'd get to it when you have time.10:46
Romsterpitillo, still has to update e18 yet too.10:47
Romsteroh and virtualbox has a md5sum mismatch but i've started using .14 anyways.10:47
sepenyep but keep in mind we do this without expecting any reward, only for passion10:48
Romsteri'm only here because i enjoy being here.10:48
sepenyeah, all of us I think10:48
Romsteri'm not dissing your work. i mearly mention it's probably broken. but i should of said for 3.110:48
sepenbut life leaves you some busier stages10:49
sepenok, so I missunderstand that, sorry10:49
Romsteri didn't fully think and type that.10:49
Romsterafter seeing gudev 18210:49
sepenyou should put yourself in my place to know the effort that carry some things when you just had a baby10:50
Romsterno time for anything else.10:50
sepenwell, now my time does not respond to logical rules10:50
Romstercongrats on that too10:51
sepenthanks :D10:54
Romsterall of us have been bumping ports of jues yours who ever is on vacation etc.10:56
sepenyep and thanks to all of u10:57
Romstercrux 3.1 release was a long time.10:57
sepenand I'm still waiting for next xfce 4.1210:57
Romsteri have a busy schedule as well but no family of my own.10:57
Romsterpretty sure xfce development has stalled.10:57
Romsteror going really slowly with just maintenance releases, last i looked.10:58
sepenis not stalled imho, but 4.11 branch is marked as development branch, not stable10:58
sepenI received recently many announces in my mailbox from xfce's MLs10:58
sepenand there is an important changeset about gtk3 dependencies10:59
pitilloRomster: I'll bump e18 to 0.18.7 this afternoon (3.0) and I'll try to test it in 3.1 to create the needed branch and sync it11:51
frinnst[ANNOUNCE] xf86-input-mouse 1.9.111:54
frinnstanybody using that driver?11:55
Romsternah just the evdev12:18
Romsterpitillo, their isn't any rush but i don't think there will be much that needs altering.12:19
pitilloRomster: just bumping e18 version to the newer one. About 3.1 I'm using currently e18 without problems (I wasn't able to reproduce some problems I had with pager running 3.1 in vbox) but I'd like to build/test it under a fresh jail12:24
jaegerfrinnst: I have it installed but evdev takes over anyway as far as I can see13:01
frinnstyeah you need to force it if you wanna use that driver13:01
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jaegerSo I guess my answer is no, then. :)13:04
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pitilloRomster: e18 is at 0.18.8... last release (I thought it was at 0.18.6.... but I was looking on cubieboard which show me it needs an update)18:45
c0xRomster, 010419:07
frinnstbootloader error?20:10
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c0xfrinnst, memtest8620:33
c0xHP proliant980 damnshitbuggyiron20:38
c0xkysok govna20:42
jaegerYou might have to use 4.2x for that hardware20:42
jaegerunless you're loading it via syslinux/pxelinux20:43
c0xjaeger, see chat history20:43
c0xesxi 5.1 two times on a week PSOD20:46
jaegersome versions of memtest just don't work on machines with large amounts of RAM20:50
jaegerI have some servers with 144GB that can't boot some versions (though I don't remember which at the moment)20:50
c0xL3 cache vs Memory speed :\20:56
c0xbuggy iron, buggy memtest ;(20:57
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