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Worksterc0x, i dunno i i'll test memtest on my machines when i get home00:06
Worksterc0x, grab prime95 and use hirens boot cd and do a stress test of the ram cpu00:07
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frinnstsepen: FS#1028 should be fixed now with the ninja build process?07:43
frinnstIf so, please close :)07:44
Romstercruxbot still has a issue09:03
teK_probably :-)09:04
teK_I have issues with ESXi09:04
teK_it's just a dumbed down linux with a shitty vi, an even shittier shell and I did not yet start ranting about esxcli09:06
teK_and NO I won't buy vCenter09:07
teK_or vSphere09:07
teK_and dont get me started on vSphere Client09:07
frinnstwithout vsphere, esxi *is* just a shitty hypervisor indeed09:08
teK_this dumb piece of shit (v5.5) lets me connect to ESX (v5.0) on Win 8 but will then bitch about some 'new' program files needing donwnloading09:08
frinnstno fun stuff09:08
teK_hitting download your stupid shit will result in an error because this crap is (IN 2014!!) unable to use our proxy server09:08
teK_so I hooked my computer up to a direct internet line only to notice that it won't download things because it only does so when connecting to ESXi 5.0. Guess what? The server is in a different network09:09
frinnstscrew you, you cant kill my good mood because i upgraded to 100/100mbit yesterday09:09
teK_so I end up connecting the router to our company network so I can connect to both ends at the same time09:09
teK_OH BOY09:10
teK_so I did that, hit 'download' again09:10
teK_just to see that thing DL this file:09:10
frinnstso the client you are using is 5.5 and you are trying to connect to a 5.0 esxi?09:10
teK_I'm fine with that this doesnt work09:11
teK_I get that09:11
frinnstyeah you dont need internet access to do that09:11
teK_well it told me so09:11
teK_but not which exe it wants to DL09:11
teK_so I just saw that I had already:09:11
frinnstyou should be able to fetch the correct client by just trying to connect and it should download an upgrade/downgrade for you automagically09:11
teK_I now that page, yes09:11
frinnstor you can visit the
frinnstwell, doesnt that client work? just run the installer09:12
teK_so basically this fuck just wasted 30-60m of my time downloading a file I already had but calling it -5.009:12
frinnstoh i love this.. :D09:12
teK_goddammit I'm so mad right now09:12
teK_yet smiling at the same time :P09:12
teK_did I mention that I tried to DL the win2k 12 server eval before that?09:13
frinnstno, but that sounds fun09:13
teK_"Oh you're using firefox, lets shove that akamai client up your throat"09:13
teK_"oh, you are not interested in DL-progress, arent ya? so we built a custom bar in our website (????) for you track progress"09:14
teK_the bar does not show progress but I'll let that pass as it's MS anyway09:14
teK_yeah you are windows bitch, I always sensed that09:14
teK_so I opened up that blue 'e' thingy09:14
teK_no DL-progress showing there either. Even cheecked with the taskmanager wrt network activity09:15
teK_I ended up add a plugin for fake user agents and telling these dumbfucks from redmond that I was visiting with iOS so they displayed a nice, wget-able http-URL and I was fine09:15
frinnstomg i am laughing so hard right now09:16
teK_always glad to enlighten your days, sir.09:16
teK_another example of how braindad esxcli is..  (besides the fact that it hangs on some update command and ^C wont work):09:17
teK_why does this work:09:18
teK_ # esxcli network ip dns  server  list09:18
teK_but for other commands like nic I have to add a 'get'?09:18
teK_and wth do I have to do network ip dns server add -s (!)
Romsterso put it in vbox with win xp *gags*09:18
teK_in the it will simply put that in /etc/resolv.conf09:18
frinnstno clue, never really have a reason to use the cli09:19
frinnstits too hard. I need a gui!09:19
teK_Romster: we need a supported environment for a (company-whise) large installation..09:19
teK_sure O_o09:19
Romsterwell that wont work then09:19
Romsterif you got win 7 or win 8 pro you can use the built in xp mode09:19
teK_OOOOOH :D09:20
Romsterefficient excel = access?09:21
teK_I don't care we're getting some sample of a magazine now09:22
teK_11:19 <@frinnst> its too hard. I need a gui!09:23
teK_11:14 < teK_> yeah you are windows bitch, I always sensed that09:23
Romstershould quote that09:23
teK_MOnday is installation day and my vacation stand-in period ends tomorrow09:24
teK_so almost no windows for me any way*09:25
teK_(*if things work out next week)09:25
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teK_I just checked the size of the 2k12 ISO file.. :>09:27
teK_2,46 KB (2.524 Bytes)09:27
Romsterthat can't be right.09:30
frinnstmicrosoft has invented a new compression scheme. it is correct09:51
frinnstalso windows server 2012 has a much lower footprint09:52
teK_it installs quickly indeed09:52
teK_tried it out at home last night09:52
Romsterwhat is it a small iso that is a downloader for the rest of the stuff09:54
teK_I dl'd with (60MB/s) and am downloading it again from there, so no idea, sorry09:54
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pitilloRomster: did you see my coment from yesterday about e18 update?10:10
pitilloteK_: are you still using e17 instead of e18?10:11
pitillooka, I'll try to rebuild it this afternoon to keep it in 3.1 branch (I was thinking in removing it from 3.1)10:12
teK_thanks a lot, if you don't make it work I will consider e1810:14
pitilloit should work... but I haven't tested it in 3.1 yet (I'm running e17 in one of the 3.0 ARM devices)10:16
teK_heh ok :)10:19
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Romsterpitillo, i did but i haven't done anything yet10:54
pitilloRomster: what do you mean? did you bump efl or e19 snapshots? currently e18 is synced with efl 1.8.x11:16
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frinnstwoah, quick update sepen! :)12:11
Romsterpitillo, i haven't done anything with e18 since i installed it on crux 3.012:17
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teK_I bet, that there's no top(1) in ESXi so that you cannot see how shitty some processes are in terms of cpu-usage :>12:55
teK_a md5sum *.iso takes ages there =)12:55
sepenfrinnst: It is the first time I get the email notification from adobe security :D14:07
sepenfrinnst: and ok I'll fix the ninja's issue14:07
sepenthanks frinnst xD14:07
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sepenfrinnst: sorry I did not understand you about FS#1028, let me see that ticket15:47
sepenI was unsubscribed from ML's?15:52
sepencan someone with enough right (maybe teK) check my subscription to crux-commits@ and crux@ MLs?15:55
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teK_you were not subscribed to -commits16:32
sepenohh many thanks, I received an email from crux-commits@ :D16:32
sepenI was unsubscribed but I don't know why16:33
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teK_because mail bounced too often?16:34
teK_your stuff was really messy while you were away16:34
sepenI moved from one vps to another and also first time from home server16:36
sepenanyway I think that now I'm ok in 'ovh' and I wasted too many time to check for blacklists and delisting my ip when required16:37
teK_so just resubscribe an hope for the best16:44
teK_oh and congrats for being a father now! :)16:45
sepenI need days with at least > 30hours but I'm happy ;D16:58
teK_it's only hard in the beginning ;>17:03
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