IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2014-08-14

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frinnstawesome. have been getting lots of shit from different anti-spam organizations today07:10
frinnstfucking customer that cant handle their own systems07:10
frinnstalso, the customer is a "hosting company"07:10
nrxtxan open relay? :D07:25
frinnstnope, their php-crap got owned07:34
frinnstand not for the first time07:34
frinnstand how do they resolve it every time they get owned?: restore from backup and hope for the best..07:34
nrxtxgood luck07:35
frinnst.. :)07:35
Romsterand not fix the underlying issue that they got in with.09:33
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prologicit's actually a good solution :)13:39
prologicget h3x0r3d13:39
prologicrestore and go!13:39
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jaegerwoot! got my HTPC set up so that XBMC can poweroff/restart/suspend the machine and intel rapid start tech is configured/working16:58
teK_what's the startup-time with that? 0-1 secs?17:01
sepenanyone in here tried the last jenkins version?17:17
teK_hudson? )17:32
teK_last time I tried was with version 1.53817:33
teK_hm wrong version field17:33
teK_jenkins 1.538-117:34
jaegerit's probably closer to 6-7 seconds17:37
jaegerI haven't used jenkins in months17:37
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