IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-08-17

RomsterteK_, +1 nuke it, i'm not even using it.01:14
Romsteris moritz  wilhelmy not maintaining anymore?01:14
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teK_check git log yourself10:39
frinnsti thought i've moved all his ports to "orphaned ports" on the wiki?11:15
teK_yes but nobody removed it from contrib?11:18
frinnstthen go nuts! :)11:18
teK_IT'S DEAD11:22
teK_-> 0 open bug reports for contrib11:22
teK_does this mean that it has a higher quality than core/opt? :P11:23
nrxtxteK_: if someone is willing to create bug-tracker entries :D
nrxtxnagios port changing usr/bin/ to 0777 is one of the worst13:13
nrxtxsame for nagios-nrpe usr/bin/ 077713:15
teK_nice icon :p13:16
nrxtx is also interesting13:17
nrxtxevery single directory is a sgid directory13:17
nrxtxis that on purpose? :D13:17
teK_that sounds strange, indeed13:18
nrxtxall output of the validation page is from prtverify13:19
teK_I figured13:19
nrxtxcore i pretty clean only some junk files13:20
frinnstthoughts on this?[0]=open13:30
jaegersorry if I missed anything important, no internet connection for a day and a half or so14:01
frinnstnah, old bug :)14:04
frinnstor rather, feature request14:04
jaegerfrinnst: I don't think preserving times would harm anything though I do think it's an odd thing upstream14:04
jaegerI meant that comment to be general, not specific to the go thing :)14:04
frinnstyep. im not sure preserving timestamps is even the sane thing to do, strip is after all modifying the file(s)14:06
jaegerI guess they just don't expect anyone to strip them14:08
jaegeranyway, my suggestion would just be a .nostrip file14:16
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nrxtxdo you pick people for contrib or do they have to apply?23:02

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