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Worksternrxtx, they apply after they have a personal repo for review05:42
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prologicmerge hell :(11:48
nrxtxWorkster: i see just read the howtocontrib page again :)11:49
nrxtxneed to check what i already did and i still have to do before applying11:50
teK_I never had a personal repo, btw11:52
Romsteri started with being in prologic's repo that was already in contrib.12:07
Romsterthen separated12:07
teK_sneaky australians..12:07
Romsteryep infiltrating crux (tm)12:07
frinnstare you sure, not just cruxbot thats fucked up?12:19
Romstercruxbot is pretty broken somewhere12:20
frinnstits just for contrib? i've not seen any issues with core. im unsure about opt and xorg12:21
Romstermight be the git hook?12:21
Romsterbut then jaeger made them all the same12:21
frinnsti've never looked at how cruxbot works so I have no clue12:21
Romsterbut i do keep seeing this one error on compat-32 too with refs/ something failing to update on git push. but that's not a cruxbot issue.12:22
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Romsterthat bot needs rate limiting12:22
Romsterfor one.12:22
jaegerIt's not likely to get fixed any time soon with sepen busy12:23
jaegerIt isn't controlled by git hooks for what that's worth12:24
jaegerI'm not a ruby expert but it looks rather simple and I don't see an obvious problem12:26
jaegerperhaps there's a bug in the git_watcher ruby module12:27
Romsterjue is a ruby expert12:30
Romsterck4up is in ruby iirc12:30
Romsteri've noticed sepen is more active now though.12:30
nrxtxis crux-devel mailing list still in use?16:25
frinnstyes, when needed17:42
nrxtxi'd apply for joining contrib, if its ok to just write it here, otherwise i'll send a mail to crux-contrib19:21
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frinnstplease send an email to both contrib and devel if possible20:09
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teK_what's your repo-name?20:55
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nrxtxteK_: "kris"22:03
teK_your Descriptions could be a bit more verbose22:23
teK_please include a short hint on which ports you plan to bring into contrib if you were accepted22:26
teK_* in your application email22:26
teK_and wrt your shorewall port (dunno what it is, Description is: Shorewall):22:27
teK_you introduced _mversion as a variable22:28
teK_it's just a hint, you could also do something like this:22:28
teK_[tek@pita][~]% echo $version22:28
teK_[tek@pita][~]% echo ${version%.*}22:28
teK_and regarding the style: you might want to try not to use much more than 80 characters per line  (your configure calls in
teK_see contrib/opt ports for example how the "preferred" style of doing that looks like22:30
teK_otherwhise I'd be happy to see a maintained and working bumblebee port for CRUX in contrib :-)22:30
teK_off to bed now. g'night folks!22:31
nrxtxthx for the advices n8 teK_22:32
teK_welcome :)22:32
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