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sepenoops, wrong win :P10:02
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juefrinnst: util-linux is at 2.25, did you use that or find any problems with it?10:54
frinnsthm, not sure11:29
frinnsti think i updated it locally at home11:29
frinnstbut never pushed11:29
frinnstno I dont think i did actually11:35
frinnstwhere do you guys specify your $LANG settings? ~/.bash_profile, etc/profile or somewhere else?11:38
frinnstJust got a mail asking about this. The guy seemed to think that generating the locales was enough11:39
teK_I have that in my personal (z)sh setup11:42
frinnstI usually specify it in /etc/profile and let suckers with other shells (apple zsh fanboys) work it out themselves11:43
juefrinnst: ~/.bash_profile11:54
frinnstyes, its very popular with apple monkeys12:06
teK_I don't know any of these12:06
frinnstyou know, those ruby on rails hax0rs that put their entire lives on github12:06
teK_so I pity you for your contact with that species12:06
frinnstyes, you should12:06
teK_"my wife does not allow me wear tight jeans. So I guess I won't be coding Ruby any time soon"12:07
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frinnstsepen: seems libgd broke abi compatability12:51
frinnstmight wanna give a heads-up on the mailinglist12:57
sepenI can rollback libgd for now and research a bit more13:03
sepensorry frinnst13:03
frinnstI had to rebuild mrtg13:03
frinnstno worries :)13:03
sepenwhich port failed to build?13:03
frinnstno, runtime failed13:04
frinnst/usr/bin/rateup: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:04
sepenso a rebuild fixes that situation, right?13:06
frinnstyep easy fix13:07
sepenwell, so I'll prepare an email for our ML13:11
sepenthanks frinnst13:11
frinnstalso giflib seems to break a couple of things as well13:11
frinnstmplayer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:11
frinnstand nettle broke some stuff too13:12
frinnstgnutls-cli: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:12
sepenhmm too many updates13:14
frinnstlots of p5-* ports need their footprints updated to perl in 3.113:16
teK_our Q&A must have missed that *cough*13:17
frinnstonly noticed it because i had to rebuild p5-gd13:17
frinnstMaintainer:   Thomas Penteker, tek at serverop dot de13:19
frinnstyeah, pretty much all p5-* ports it seems13:19
sepenyep, I noticed the perl footprint issue when updating p5-uri13:21
sepenfrinnst: giflib breaks mplayer?13:28
frinnstyeah is no longer available13:29
sepenso maybe mplayer should list giflib as a dep13:29
frinnstits called now13:29
frinnstwell mplayer probably links against all sorts of available libraries13:29
sepenI think we can find a mechanism to catch these kind of updates13:30
sepenso optional deps could be a headache13:30
frinnstgnutls doesnt seem to want to build13:30
frinnstseems nettle 3.0 really breaks gnutls13:34
frinnstGnuTLS cannot be built against Nettle 3.0. You'll need to use nettle13:34
frinnstprobably should revert that13:34
sepenfrinnst: had you the same build error?13:36
frinnstand since gnutls no longer works with nettle 3.0 installed all sorts of stuff start to break13:36
sepensorry, I'm trying to reproduce it here13:36
frinnstsamba etc13:36
sepenI'm wondering if we need nettle for something special13:37
frinnsttigervnc, wireshark broke because gnutls broke13:38
sepenoops, I made the same mistake13:38
sepensorry I wasn't aware of this13:39
frinnstyeah your emails were bouncing back then :D13:39
teK_ghetto mails? :x13:40
sepenfrinnst: true, I return to 'real' live13:41
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