IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-08-20

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frinnstSubject: [Mesa-announce] Mesa 10.2.606:33
frinnstnothing interesting it seems06:34
frinnstyeah, mplayer wont build with the current giflib version installed06:53
juefrinnst: yes, 10.2.6 works fine for me08:32
frinnstare you able to push? I can do it tonight if you arent08:32
jueyep ;)08:33
frinnstand currently mplayer is completely broken :/08:36
frinnsteither giflib needs to be reverted or mplayer needs a --disable-gif or whatever flag08:36
frinnstor perhaps a newer mplayer snapshot08:37
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teK_I can roll one if you would be willing to test it on 3.115:47
teK_tipp out of a forum for running arch:15:47
teK_once the bootloader works chattr +i for all imortant configs and setting the package(s) on the black list to ensure things keep working15:47
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teK_jaeger: :-)16:06
frinnstteK_: sure16:17
teK_ok, just a sec16:17
teK_A long awaited feature in MPlayer has arrived! Well, its still not possible in MPlayer to play two subtitles at once.16:18
teK_yeeeeah, right16:18
frinnsthaha, url for that post? i think i need to enjoy the entire thread16:18
teK_first item16:18
frinnstthe chattr +i thread16:19
teK_it's in german16:19
teK_Arch ist mehr so rolling break.16:20
frinnstit lasted for about a week \o/16:21
teK_still on vacation?!16:21
frinnstno, watched the last ep just after work16:21
teK_this sounds like you watched at the office, too :D16:21
frinnsthehe nah. but i live alone so i can watch how much i want when i get home! :D16:22
teK_I need a script for rolling new mplayer tarballs16:22
teK_or those suckers fix their release model for once16:22
teK_being a student (at university) in a picture:
teK_d917f523dedd78141ca102438b4bc81b  mplayer-2014-08-20.tar.xz16:28
teK_=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/mplayer#2014-08-20-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.16:28
teK_on 3.0, though16:28
frinnstnah, same shit16:28
frinnststill broken with giflib 5.116:29
teK_oh boy :)16:29
frinnstI dont think we are missing anything by disabling gif support though :)16:29
teK_ could be helping16:29
teK_Description:             Fixes building with Giflib 5.0.x.16:29
teK_ lists 5.1, though16:30
teK_what's your error message?16:30
teK_ looks innocent (for 5.0.x and 5.1)16:30
frinnstthe vo_gif89a crap is where it errors out for me16:32
teK_et voila16:38
jaegerteK_: to what was your ":-)" referencing/responding?16:41
jaegerjesus... do I really have 249 messages to crux-commits?16:44
jaegerah, giant kde update16:45
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teK_jaeger: it's the question if you had to time to skim through my code17:05
jaegerAh, sorry, didn't see the question. No, I haven't had time to mess with it. :( Seems like lately every time I try to start a project I get pulled into other stuff17:06
teK_don't worry17:09
jaegerI've been so tired when I get home from work lately that I can barely concentrate. I need a new job17:09
teK_no need to wrestle with my code :P17:10
jaegerI do want to help, I'd like that project to progress17:10
jaegerJust don't know when I'll get time to contribute17:10
teK_I'll see how much I can get done until you are ready17:11
teK_have been stalled too because of $SHIT17:11
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nrxtxis there a place /usr/libexec should be moved to?22:21
jaeger /usr/lib/$name22:50

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