IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2014-08-21

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Worksteri noticed i need to fix gtkwebkit in my haste i missed libexec directory00:14
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frinnstjue imagemagick needs a url fix06:44
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juefrinnst: thanks08:01 is down since June too.08:11
frinnstyeah its a dead project it seems08:14
jueRomster: I'd like to get rid of lcms, could you try if incscape builds with lcms2 too, please?08:36
Romsterk i'll check08:37
Romsterreally but i'm using cdrkit so what do we goto now?08:37
frinnstits an abandoned fork of cdrtools08:45
frinnstSo, either host it ourselves or go back to cdrtools i guess08:45
Romsterblah i nuked my cdrtools port ages ago thinking great cdrkit will remove the stupidness of cdrtools08:51
Romsterwhy is the cdrtools dev such a god damn prick08:52
Romsteroh make has issues upstream wont fix it.... i wrote my own just for cdrtools.08:52
Romsterthen god damn use cmake or scons or something else.08:53
Romsterrecording optical media on linux :/08:53
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teK_jaeger: I have been busy last night :>11:45
teK_(until 4a.m. to be precise)11:46
teK_will upload the updated source tonight :))11:46
teK_and as always: no worries if you can't make it the next days11:46
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jaegerteK_: cool :)13:26
teK_wait until you saw it :D13:27
teK_it's mostly more careful error checking13:27
teK_but I'm seeing progress. deptree works, too13:27
jaegerIt'll just be harder for me to catch up, hehe13:32
teK_some parts were cleaned up because I won't refuse to use getline() anymore ;)13:32
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frinnstThe GNU project is pleased to announce the availability of Libgcrypt14:51
frinnstversion 1.6.2.  This is a maintenance release to fix problems found in14:51
frinnstthe recently released versions.14:51
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frinnstteK_: llvm 3.4.2 was released a while back16:43
frinnst(needed for mesa3d 10.3-rc1)16:48
teK_didn't I push updates for llvm and clang?16:54
teK_I rembember commiting it16:54
teK_llvm is missing, will check it out later today :()16:56
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teK_built on the (switched off) desktop. Does not build on serverop19:35
teK_too lazy to fix that shit today19:35
teK_jaeger: source uploaded :))19:35
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