IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-08-23

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teK_I have been waiting for that for years10:55
teK_btw.. the NetBSD kernel has a (hard coded) configuration option for printing green/blue/red/white kernel messages10:55
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sepenrandom merges? I received lot of commits :P11:11
nrxtxhi sepen, hi teK_11:16
nrxtxis it possible to set the default version in flyspray to 3.1?11:27
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frinnstjaeger: :)18:02
jaegerI could swear I fixed that months ago, obviously I dreamed it :P18:03
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Necrosporusjaeger, where?19:10
NecrosporusWhere did you see colored dmesg and is it bad?19:11
jaegerin crux. I guess maybe it's a newer feature of util-linux19:26
jaegerdoesn't bother me at all so I wouldn't say it's bad. Just interesting19:26
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NomiusHey guys19:44
NomiusteK_: Just FYI... Latest valgrind doesn't compile on Crux (Crux has a pretty new version of glibc)19:44
Nomiussed -i 's/2.18/2.19/' configure19:48
NomiusMight do the trick19:48
frinnstFIX VALGRIND!!20:28
teK_frinnst: come over and upgrade my  two boxes to 3.120:52
teK_then I will notice these things earlier20:53
teK_oh and btw folks from NEXT Saturday on I will be _a_f_k_ for a whole sweeet week20:57
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frinnstare you still on 3.0!?22:37
frinnstgeez dude22:37
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