IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-08-25

RomsterteK_, vte3 compiles fine for me...02:32
Romsterthat file exists. sure your not missing any dependencies?02:33
Romster0.37.90 looks like a dev version to me so i didn't move to that version.02:35
Romsterwaits for a 0.37.102:35
Romster.90 is what xorg devs do too for development versions.02:36
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pitilloteK_: hey10:13
teK_I updated (almost?) all of your enlightenment ports10:22
teK_interested in the diff?10:22
teK_i.e. I stayed on e1710:28
pitillogreat :)10:34
teK_Romster: please update the footprint of rrdtool for perl 5.18 :)12:34
jaegersheesh. RAM I ordered July 8th still isn't here13:17
jaegerstupid ECC SODIMMs :P13:18
teK_freetype-32 lacks the harfbuzz-32 dependency13:36
teK_makes debugging/revdep-ing rather hard13:37
teK_stp fsck shit :P13:37
teK_oh well it builds without harfbuzz-32 too.13:38
teK_never mind D: D:13:38
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nrxtxteK_: hows your wifi? :D18:23
NecrosporusWhen are you going to release 3.2 or something?19:03
teK_nrxtx: I couldd not yet manage the firmare loading issues19:54
teK_I guess this will take some more time19:54
nrxtxteK_: i guess the problem is intel never released/got dumped firmwware binaries -5 and -620:07
nrxtxpeople just patched the check for -5 and -6 out of the kernel since the firmware files are not available20:08
nrxtxlower iwl-6000.c line 34: from 6 to 4 at IWL6000_UCODE_API_MAX20:11
nrxtxor you have to find a way to dump the firmware somehow :D20:11
jaegerteK_: send me your computer, it's clearly broken :P20:27
nrxtxi guess the systemd people do not notice the missing firmware files, since it just jumps over the missing ones :D20:34
nrxtxor better said its a feature :D20:34
teK_min is 4, max is 6, nrxtx :)20:42
teK_I checked that. It won't load the g2b*5*.ucode firmware also available20:43
teK_jaeger: pah, it's an i7 and I really love it's size etc :P20:43
teK_also it was dirt cheap and unused when I bought it :>20:43
teK_also I wrote my bachelor's thesis on it. Master's coming up now20:44
teK_nrxtx: dunno20:44
nrxtxit's just a loop from 6 downto 4 but the timeout is long20:45
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teK_we don't include man pages for eudev in our port22:11
teK_while I know that this is caused by the xsltproc depenency, I'm curious if we shouldn't ship the pre built man pages22:11
jaegerI don't have any objections to shipping prebuilt ones22:18
teK_Romster: I mailed you a patch for libmng-32 for libjpeg-turbo compatibility22:44
teK_you need docbook-xls at least to make xlstproc fetch the DTDs from ... (wrt eudev)22:44
teK_afk :)22:50
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