IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-08-26

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jueteK_: good idea, will try05:23
jueteK_: done05:33
frinnstwe ship prebuilt for btrfs-progs18:22
frinnstjust finished package them.. pain in the ass18:22
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teK___jaeger: new stuff available! There's info, tar, deptree and diff23:19
jaegerI get the feeling by the time I'm able to contribute you'll be done. :P23:23
teK___no ;)23:24
teK_COME ON23:25
teK___off to bed.23:25
jaegernight, heh23:25
teK___COME ON <-- teK_ is registered, teK__ is in use23:25
teK___freenode is full of sick fucks ._.23:25

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