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frinnstI updated the glib ticket last night. comments / suggestions welcome09:05
nrxtx-> add readme09:05
nrxtxand hope people will read it :)09:05
frinnstYeah. Im surprised about the acceptance of this segfault. I fond a fedora thread that basically said "just ignore it"09:06
nrxtxi know that it could be fixed at least for the settings command, but i guess they assume a system without schemas shall not occur09:07
nrxtxas third way we could patch it showing a message that there are no installed schemas09:10
juefrinnst: I'd prefer 2) because we need the post-install of gtk3 in any way, so it doesn't hurt to add an empty gschemas.compiled to glib09:11
juefrinnst: or do I miss something?09:11
frinnstwell if I do that with glib and people sysup - installed gtk3 apps will start to crash09:13
frinnstSo then we will start to get a bunch of bugreports because of this :)09:13
nrxtxfrinnst: i'll make a patch gor glib-settings hacking that bug up when getting home09:14
nrxtxalready saw the places when debugging that error09:14
juefrinnst: ok, that's right09:14
juefrinnst: with that in mind I'd say 1) is the only senseful option we have09:17
RomsterteK____, why do i need that patch again for?09:36
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/libmng-32#2.0.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded09:36
Romsterworks without that sed line.09:37
frinnstwhat patch?09:37
Romstersed -i '1i\#include <stdio.h>' config.h09:37
frinnstfor libmng?09:37
Romsterthat tek sent me for libmng-3209:37
frinnstor just the 32bit port?09:37
Romsterfor the 32bit port09:37
Romstercompiles without it for me.09:38
Romsteri'd prefer if the schemas be precompiled and included in the package since it's a port that resides on the iso.09:42
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frinnstRomster: that wont work10:28
Romsterwhy not?10:31
Romsterdoes glib not have any scheamas to add to the database then just use a touched file.10:32
frinnstnah, glib doesnt install anything11:47
frinnstonly stuff like gtk3, virt-manager? adds stuff. then you can compile schemas11:47
frinnst(just wanted to add more stuff)12:36
sepenRomster: ping12:49
Romstersepen, pong12:57
Romsterfrinnst, then i guess touch that file for glib. bu ideally they should fix the misisng file issue12:57
Romsterfriendly note if your going to ping me please state what for so i don't have to wait to read why you pinged me.12:58
frinnstheh, you just updated the ticket and i even included the topic (glib)13:05
frinnsttouch how? touch the file outside $PKG from build()? touch $PKG/<path> and then overwrite an existing file?13:06
sepenyou added a more recent version of gudev in contrib, and xfce/gudev is old, right? could you move yours to opt and update it to 1.10? after that I can safely remove xfce/gudev13:07
frinnstpost-install? wont work as is today with iso packages13:07
Romsteradd a touch $PKG/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled to build()13:07
sepensorry time to eat something at office, I'll be back in a couple of minutes13:07
Romsterand bump the revision number13:07
sepenyep to 1.1013:07
frinnstso then pkgadd -u will overwrite a file with empty content for some(most?) users?13:07
Romstersepen, any reason why freetype does not have libpng?13:07
frinnst<@frinnst> well if I do that with glib and people sysup - installed gtk3 apps will start to crash13:08
Romsterthen gtk3 needs a post-install script and bump its revision number of gtk3 gets rebuilt and the post-install gets ran.13:08
Romsterprt-get sysup takes care of the order.13:09
Romstera README stating that "glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled" is required for gtk3 ports and a post-install is provided to do this.13:11
frinnstgtk3 already has a post install that does this13:11
Romsterthen just a revision bump to gtk3 when you do the change to glib will suffice.13:12
Romsterit'll rebuild as a sideeffect but it'll cause prt-get to run the gtk3/post-install script after opt/glib13:12
Romsternew users and existing uses profit.13:13
frinnstonly if users automagically run install-scripts13:13
Romsterthat's where the REAME file comes in ^13:13
Romsterthere own fault if they don't read that.13:13
Romsterits there for a reason13:14
frinnstI only break users working setups if im drunk :)13:14
Romsterwe arn't fostering a bunch of noobs here we are experienced.13:14
Romsterideally aslo every gtk3 port also needs that post-install command for the schemas, that can also be mentioned in the gtk3 README13:16
frinnstwell thats the other packagers responsibility13:16
frinnstgtk3 is just one of those ports13:17
Romsterit wouldn't hurt to mention that in the gtk3 README13:17
frinnstand gtk3 already does what it's supposed to13:17
frinnstno, that would go into the glib README13:17
Romsteror the glib README it must go in one of them.13:17
Romsterglib makes more sense for that note. agreed +113:18
Romstermake it so13:18
frinnstyes, adding it to the gtk3 readme would just be categorically wrong13:18
Romsterconsidering the schemas command is in glib13:19
Romsterexcept it wont run it for glib as its got no goodies to add to the file13:19
Romsterwhen stuff broke due to a update to a port we often bumped the revision number of affected ports, to prevent the why wont this work now? issues.13:20
frinnstnrxtx said he'd look into a patch for glib to fix the segfault. That's the best solution. If not, a readme for glib saying gsettings is "expected" to segfault without any compiled schemas is the second best option13:20
Romstersysup with install scripts fixed.13:20
Romstera README in glib for the scheams command is still advisable in my opinion for the packagers/users.13:21
Romsterif nrxtx can find a patch to fix glib itself then bonus points.13:21
Romsterpersonally ti should never have a NULL pointer due to a missing file. all it needs is a file check, if missing return no file found.13:23
frinnstthe bug has been there for ages and the accepted solution is "dont do that" pretty much13:23
Romsteror what its meant to be doing when there is no contents in the file to parse.13:23
frinnstdepressingly sucky13:23
Romsteri've been reading that. and i don't agree with there solution.13:24
Romstershould be fixed. who in their right mind leaves a null pointer no file check in there code?13:24
Romsterbug -_-13:25
Romsteranyhting segfault = bug13:25
Romsterwhere is this i wanna blast them with a rant13:25
frinnstI was planning on installing some other distros in a vm and see how they do it. But kvm kept crashing \o/13:26
frinnstyep, everything sucks \o/13:26
Romsterdocker? vbox? so many things out there.13:26
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Romsterfrinnst, sucks doesn't even begin to describe the state things are going in.13:49
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sepenRomster: I'm back15:43
sepenRomster: any reason to list libpng as a dep for freetype?15:43
sepenRomster: on the other hand, I'm going to remove xfce/gudev in favour of your port in contrib, please could you move it to opt and update it to 1.10?15:46
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nrxtxfrinnst: the hyper complicated patch is attached @all please test19:52
frinnsthave you submitted it upstream?19:57
frinnstwould be very interesting to see if they care at all19:58
nrxtxno not committed upstream, i guess they won't care since the bug exists since years19:59
nrxtxand it isn't really hard to find and fixed19:59
nrxtxif you know someone there or are already subscribed to ml or bugtracker feel free to send it further down the road20:04
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WorksterSepen, I could of done that last night. it'll have to wait now until after table tennis after work.23:26
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