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Romsternrxtx, hmm there stastics have some interesting things. like broken, depreciated, set to expire?08:02
nrxtxRomster: looks nice but i don't have that much information currently, as i also do not save statistics over time currently, only the current state, but could be a nice addon10:13
Romsteryeah just noticed that though. seems interesting and a few ideas to keep for maybe later.10:17
Romsterthink i just about touched everything fixing 404 source files missing.10:18
Romster that should be cleared by tomorrow now.10:18
nrxtxaltough it shouldn't be hard to save the daily state into a separate collection for some time series stats10:21
Romsteryeah true.10:35
Romsterah i still got qt5 to deal with yet10:36
Romsterit never ends10:37
Romsterah i forgot to close FS#104510:47
Romsterwasn't aware of transcode either.10:48
Romster-_- it never ends.10:48
nrxtxfrinnst: is your repo rehabdoll ?10:56
frinnstits not in a very good condition10:58
frinnstthinking of unlisting it :)10:58
frinnstmostly just use it for myself in mind10:58
nrxtxyeah prtverify is very unhappy with it :D10:59
frinnsthehe I bet10:59
Romsterwould have a fit at my romster/ ones10:59
frinnstpastebin it?10:59
frinnstor, i can run it myself ofcourse10:59
Romsterif it didn't fall over trying to parse it10:59
Romsterhmm been meaning to get a yubikey11:00
nrxtxfrinnst: you can also use the search on the top by maintainer line to see an overview over all you ports (if they contain a valid mainteiner line)11:03
Romsternrxtx, could you possibly add in a sort by Name or Repository11:05
Romsterbe neat to group say my ports from opt/contrib/other locations.11:05
nrxtxwhat is interesting is that prtverify marks junk files in thunderbird, which are valid files in /usr/include/11:05
nrxtxRomster: yeah list sorting/filtering is one of the things to be done in the next steps11:06
Romsternrxtx, i did notice that it's searching isn't so specific.11:06
Romstercool nrxtx11:06
Romsterit's quite useable as it is now but that would be icing on the cake.11:06
Romster alan -_-11:07
nrxtxthought about simply placing list.js in there on top of the existing table which has that stuff11:07
Romstergrab port don't update maintainer11:07
frinnstRomster: yubikeys are awesome11:07
Romsterprologic, is also guilty
Romsteryeah i want to secure my stuff with keys and a yubikey11:09
Romsterits quite secure now but i'd like to step it up say phone goes missing haha nope no access.11:09
RomsterNFC on phone11:09
Romsternrxtx, also perhaps a returned x results for... romster in maintainer11:12
Romsterit better never get to 66611:12
nrxtxcurrently i cut off at around 500 and say hey enter more details ;)11:13
teK____what tools from hell did your portdb depend on again?11:14
teK____Nooo you were the rust-guy :P11:14
Romstergo nrxtx nah he arn't the rust guy.11:16
Romsterthats diverse11:16
nrxtxdjango? what the hell teK____ what do you think about me :D11:17
Romsterah man i need coffee after that one...11:17
teK____I remeber not liking some of the deps.11:17
nrxtxhehe the database i guess11:18
nrxtxRomster: did you manage to create a src port? :D11:18
nrxtxeverything else is written in "go"11:21
Romsternrxtx, oh i was almost there. i shoudl try to finish that mongodb source port this weekend too.11:25
frinnstugh, mongo-db11:25
frinnstI run one instance of it at work11:25
nrxtxRomster: if you need a startup/pre/post-script you can take them from the binary port i created11:26
teK____frinnst: do you also run multiple instances and versions of MSSQL? ._.11:28
frinnsthaha did you pick up on my usage of "instance"?11:29
frinnstyes i am mssql-damaged11:30
Romstertmpfs                       45G11:30
Romsterlets see it fail this time...11:30
frinnstfirefox will probably require more space, romster :)11:30
Romsterhaha even the pgo doens't use that much11:30
teK____frinnst: no I didnt but if it'd upset you: I did!11:30
teK____do you run with 48GB RAM?11:31
Romsterno sadly the rest goes to swap11:31
Romsterover multiple disks.11:31
Romsterso i/o load is spread out.11:31
Romsternext machine i'll make sure i get 64GB ram11:32
teK____in a month or so I will have this backup hypervisor server at work..11:35
Romsteri'll end up trying bcache in lvm at some point too.11:35
teK____yeah that sounds reasonable11:35
teK____more than your SWP-Setup ;)11:35
Romsteri use alot of slow disks for storage so a SSD cache would be a benefit.11:35
teK____rebooting Win 8.1 because you cannot leave IE in that crap-mode they call metro something..11:36
Romsterthis swap setup is just a temporary fix. not everything uses all my ram.11:36
Romsteryeah metro and desktop for lack of a better name11:36
teK____I wish I could run this VM on my SSD but 43GB HDD Size are just too much11:37
teK____also I ask myself why win 8.1 causes qemu to jump to >50% CPU almost all the time..11:37
teK____running it like this: $ qemu-system-x86_64 -m 6096  -enable-kvm -drive file=/backup/vms/W8.1.qcow2,if=virtio -smp 7 -nographic -net nic -net user,hostfwd=tcp::3389-:338911:38
Romstersparse snapshots in lvm11:38
teK____I cannot change partitioning or anything on that layer.11:38
Romsteroff a san?11:38
Romsterdunno about the cpu load. maybe you need to investigate services you can turn off in windows 8.111:39
teK____it boots even slower than expected so I my guess is that it's not services11:40
teK____SAN? Moi?? No! I'll ber glad as soon as I manage to buy a new raspy andattach - finally - a single big disk  to it for backups/network storage etc.11:41
teK____but Iprobably have to reinstall win7 and VS 2010 instead of  win8.1 and VS 2013 anyway ... oh boy .11:43
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nrxtxRomster: you can also try using zram for compiling12:07
Romsterthat would probably slow stuff down12:07
Romsteractually if i wasn't memory constrained on my other boxes i could use memcached12:08
nrxtxslower than the io ops on the disks?12:08
Romsterswapon -s12:09
Romsterdm7 is a ssd12:10
frinnsthave you tried bcache, romster?12:34
Romsternot yet but been following it12:34
frinnstyeah, would be a fun project. Im told it might cause some corruption when used with btrfs, currently12:35
Romsteroh well i pretty much read that in general12:35
frinnsttime to start saving up!12:36
Romsterouch pricey12:37
Romstermongodb is using 16GB so far...12:42
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