IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-09-15

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jueteK____: no, we have the latest cert.pem but it looks like we hit "RSA-1024 removed" from
jueteK____: at least the old CA bundle mentioned there works for me with s3.amazonaws.com10:58
teK____thanks for checking11:04
frinnstwow, s3 ran with 1024?11:44
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juethere's a new xz release, guess it's save to remove the compatibilty .so.0 symlink from our port16:11
juewe added it 2011 ->;a=commitdiff;h=9d351d7bbf83d911cc8bc596eb2868abc7e3499f16:12
jueto prevent breakage during the 4.999 beta to 5.0 stable transition16:13
nrxtxteK____: read the news? i think i have to dump minecraft :D20:45
teK____it will be ported to something sharp for shure21:32
teK____+ my son started playing, I dont care21:32
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