IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-09-16

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jaegerDid I miss anything important while I was gone?14:01
frinnstnah, pretty quiet around here.14:49
frinnstI started to play with a new toolchain. glibc 2.20, gcc 4.9.1. No major breakage14:49
frinnst is also interesting. I've not looked at the patch though15:32
jaegerI think we talked about replacing wget with curl in pkgmk back before 3.1 was done though I don't remember exactly15:33
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jaegerGonna play with a qemu vfio setup as soon as I have some time, now that I'm back in town19:37
jaegerbeen catching up at work first, though19:37
jaegerman, ddrescue is great. so useful20:04
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jaegerteK____: does spice allow you to manage your qemu VMs from another location?20:46
jaegerlooks like it does, that's neat20:54
nrxtxmanage in kind of control the os or controlling qemu? :D21:06
jaegercontrolling the VMs in this case21:09
jaegerdoes qemu automagically pick up spice if it's installed?21:11
nrxtxspice-protocol needs to be installed for qemu detecting it21:16
teK____jaeger: yeah, spice is very nice. I use it in combination with SSH-port forwarding, i.e. it's only bound to localhost21:32
teK____and a very warm welcome back, mate :-)21:32
jaegernrxtx: ah, makes sense. I haven't looked deeply into it yet21:46
jaegerteK____: cool, and thanks :)21:46
nrxtxteK____: already used spice-vdagent?22:44
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