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jaegerok, wasted several painful hours on that. doesn't play nicely with my hardware02:54
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Worksteroh i was hoping you might try out direct gpu stuff on qemu too jaeger04:46
Worksteri'm gonna give it a go when i got time04:46
Worksteroh but you may not have 2 video cards to even try it though?04:47
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nrxtxjaeger: on spice?05:56
teK____jaeger: what did not work out?07:13
teK____nrxtx: dont think so07:13
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teK____06:27 < thegrugq> RT @TychoBrahe: When I dropped off the boy at school, the playground was a hotbed of fear at what Microsoft would do to Minecraft.  They’re eight.08:23
teK____jaeger: I will add the necessary spice port to the nice to have list of qemu, must have missed that.08:27
frinnstyeah, that made a huuuuge difference08:28
teK__it's the small things in life08:29
Romsterhaha glad i'm not into minecraft08:41
jaegernrxtx, teK__: the vfio vga passthrough stuff. spice seemed fine11:07
jaegerTechnically it wasn't even the vfio stuff that qemu choked on, it was getting an invocation of qemu options to work properly with UEFI and the emulated Q35 machine11:12
jaegerI could get it to boot the UEFI shell but not actually detect any drive or cdrom, whether it be IDE or SCSI or virtio, etc.11:12
jaegerBefore you ask, the point of using UEFI (OVMF) is to get a VM without legacy VGA/BIOS so that the i915 onboard works properly11:13
Romsteroh so you did do vga passthough11:15
jaegerI tried to, yes11:16
jaegerthe basic qemu VM stuff works great, this is an advanced setup11:16
jaegerI might try it again with a work machine with two nvidia cards since the i915 onboard is what necessitated the extra BS here (OVMF, q35)11:16
jaegerhrmm... another option would be the extra 1U server I have, it should support VT-d and has a Matrox G200 onboard11:30
jaegerwould only fit a single-pci-slot video card but this is just an experiment anyway11:30
Romsterif you even have a pci video card, heck we haven't got any of those left. and only a a very few agp cards11:52
jaegerit's pci-e, I just mean there's only a single slot available12:11
jaegercan't fit a double slot gaming card12:11
nrxtxinteresting point would be if you can use the primary vga passed through to a qemu machine on a remote server12:13
jaegerthe gpu on the server itself could be used that way, sure, though you wouldn't be able to see it without a monitor or KVM attached12:20
jaegerthe primary gpu of a client passed through to a remote server? no12:20
jaegerat least not with currenty technology12:20
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nrxtxbut for the current part virtio-3d is still in progress, i think some basic parts already got into qemu tree12:34
Romsternote to self i'm getting old when i can remember ISA PCI and AGP12:56
jaegerI still have one each of PCI and AGP cards somewhere just in case but haven't needed them in years12:58
Romsterprobably wont now... actually got a few ISA vga cards here too.12:59
Romsterheading to bed nite all.13:00
jaegerhrmm... 133MB unrecoverable out of 2TB, not too terrible for a failing drive14:58
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nrxtxjaeger: you know that recovery is not needed as you can simply ignore broken stuff ( :D20:14
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