IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-09-19

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frinnstah, he released a fix?08:56
jueyes, he's more than fast :)10:27
frinnstwxgtk now depends on gstreamer? :(12:06
frinnstergo gstreamer is required for filezilla12:07
frinnsthey I found a picture of the fibre fuckup this summer:
frinnstphoto by charlie :)12:17
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frinnstjust pushed mesa 10.2.8. 10.3 was released also and should be safe to use instead. I've been running the rc's for a while. Gonna test 10.3 some more21:28
teK__*updates like a lemming*21:30
jaegerheh... one of my users lost a bunch of data to a failing drive after I told her that's why we have network storage21:33
jaegerI bet she didn't back up a single file21:34
frinnst"but you know computers! fix it!!"21:34
jaegerI'm unsympathetic, especially since I'm getting bothered about it on my day off21:35
jaegertoo late for that, heh21:35
frinnstooh yeah, fuck that21:35
frinnstthe president of a company we do IT for called me up on xmas morning last year21:35
jaegershe gets to dig through lost+found for the stuff I recovered21:35
frinnstcaller id ftw21:35
jaegerouch, that's lame21:35
frinnstyeah, fuck that guy21:35
frinnstbut woke me up though21:35
teK__as if you liked christmas any way21:36
frinnstno but i like to sleep21:36
teK__nope, no lame excuses for infidels21:37
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teK__btw frinnst: did you watch Extant (the tv series)?21:41
teK__oh and btw.. as my former employer is, technically, a customer of mine, I had a customer's customer call me several times at around 7a.m. because of problems with our/their logistics application21:43
teK__"Hello, Mr. BigCustomer calling, your head of logistics provided me with your private phone number"21:43
frinnsthaha oh my god21:56
frinnstno, never seen that show. looks interesting21:57
teK__have seen e0[1-3] and am not really sure about it. The plot has it's potential but I dislike that little child-robot21:58
frinnstWill give it a go21:58
frinnsti was told "the knick" might be worth a watch too21:59
teK__also: it plays in the future, yet they are driving BMW i3s and Tesla Model S21:59
teK__never heard of that21:59
teK__I need my new House of Cards, GoT and Good Wifey dope NOW21:59
teK__plus I am await the return of CORAL22:01
teK__picture related.22:02
jaeger <-- for some reason this is the one that made me laugh the most22:03
jaegerso bad22:03
teK__so baaaad22:04
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teK__jaeger: just was uploaded22:37
jaegerouch, heh22:41
jaeger <-- related22:42
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teK__ok wtf22:54
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