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Romsteri fixed a ton of 404's that no one seemed to care to fix too.00:31
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teK__poor openbsd09:59
teK__because Applications forces systemd on them :-)10:03
diverseI know...10:03
diversesystemd is becoming a wider threat on the unix side10:05
teK__I am getting tired of *BSD having to rescue Linux all the time ;-)10:05
diverseI don't quite understand the joke there10:07
teK__I switched to CRUX because of its minimalist approach10:07
teK__it is rc(.conf)-based which was borrowed from *BSD10:08
diverseI see10:08
teK__it has a tar.gz-package fromat which is used by the BSDs10:08
nrxtxdiverse: ;)10:08
teK__again.. to be able to run things like GNOME it will have to borrow things like systembsd10:09
diversenrxtx: I have seen that, I mentioned about that recently on #crux. Awesome list10:09
teK__nrxtx: actually was created by one of the  peeps behind boycottsystemd10:09
diverseright right10:09
nrxtxteK__: ah ok10:10
diverseit's good satire on systemd10:10
Romstersystemd makes me wanna rip there head off.12:09
nrxtxRomster: keep calm it just wants to play ;)13:03
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frinnstjaeger: NEW       drwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/share/man/16:15
diversefrinnst: wouldn't you want to put $PKG/usr/share/man into $PKG/usr/man ?16:18
diverseor whoever maintains grub216:18
jaegerI didn't get that dir... do you have something in there already? or docbook stuff installed?16:22
jaegeror xmlto, perhaps16:28
frinnstnah, some other crappy ports16:33
diverseother ports cause it to add to usr/share/man?16:33
frinnstuah yes, it doesnt install man-pages. and yes, i have some of that autogenerating crap installed16:34
frinnstfor btrfs-manpages extraction16:34
frinnstsorry for the noise16:34
frinnstxz 5.0.7 just contains a build fix for non-gnu make16:35
jaegerI can disable it if needed, just wanted to identify the cause16:40
frinnstwell, manpages are generally useful. maybe just pass --mandir=/usr/man ?17:28
frinnstnot sure what happens if you specify that without docbook or whatever installed17:28
jaegerprobably the same results, just a different path in the mismatch if you have those tools installed. I'll look into it, maybe it should install man pages17:29
frinnstseems like more and more projects dont ship with pre-generated manpages :(17:31
jaegerhow inconsiderate!17:40
jaegerDo you know which tool/program triggers the manpage build?18:14
jaegerhelp2man, perhaps?18:40
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frinnstyeah, i have help2man installed19:48
frinnstchecking for help2man... /usr/bin/help2man19:50
frinnstconfigure detects it atleast19:50
frinnstafk again19:50
jaegerok, thanks19:55
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