IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-09-27

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juegood morning09:21
juecomprehensive reading ->
frinnstyeah it's all been a bit confusing10:01
frinnstI just bumped the $version when I added the second patch.10:02
juefrinnst: is there a particularly reason why you didn't follow the method we usually have for bash patches?10:08
teK__I did in 3.0 ;-)10:11
teK__+ hi folks!10:11
juehi teK__ :)10:14
teK__genuine only with two underscores..10:20
diverseteK__: it would be better if you could get rid of that extra underscore12:15
frinnstjue: just panic and lack of time :)13:49
frinnstalso I didnt use a "official" patch thus just bumped the $version13:50
frinnsti think patch26 is out now13:50
frinnstbut i get the feeling its also incomplete13:50
jueyes, indeed15:38
frinnstwith the regular bash patches, you just cat them together and gzip it up?16:04
jueyes, and to avoid a warning from patch I remove the ../bash-4.3-patched/ part of the filename16:08
frinnstgod damn gtk 3.14 really fucks up the look of apps17:06
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diversefrinnst: what else is new?17:45
diverseevery major gtk3 release fucks up the looks of apps17:46
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frinnstiirc its been pretty stable with the look of gtk3 for a while19:37
frinnstRomster: I assigned FS#1062 to you, mainly because i dont know who else to assign it to. you or jaeger i guess19:40
frinnstcompat-32 issue with skype and xorg libs19:40
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teK__jue: would you mind checking gnuplot's md5sum? results in a mismatch for me23:14

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