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Romsterno ones bumped mesa3d to 1.3.0 yet should i do the honors? i'm pretty much on binary nvidia blob so can't really test.09:15
juegood morning10:18
jueRomster: guess you mean 10.3?10:18
jueanyway, 10.3 is a development release, we should stay with 10.2.8 for now10:20
Romster10.3.0 is on the file version but yeah 10.310:33
Romsterit seems to be missing gallium-pipe stuff i'll leave it to finniest10:33
Romstersince i arn't using any of them modules10:33
RomsterMesa 10.3 has been released! Mesa 10.3 is a feature release that10:53
Romsterincludes many updates and enhancements.10:53
Romsterbut yet the file is MesaLib-10.3.0.tar.bz210:54
Romsterguess to keep the consistent 3 places10:54
jueit's called a development release here ->
jueFYI, 3.0 is on bash 4.2.50 now11:12
frinnstim running 10.3 at home11:12
frinnstno issues as of yet11:13
juegood to know, will test it as well11:14
frinnstim also playing with gcc and glibc, fyi. only small things that needed my attention. gcc generates a few warnings with binutils but that is easily suppressed11:16
frinnsti think cairo had some issue too. and thunderbird doesnt build for some reason. No issues with firefox11:17
Romsterwill that be for crux 3.2?11:43
Romsterdon't see a real rush on that.11:43
Romsteris it possible to use dash instead of bash for core?11:44
Romsterand keep bash just for the users shell. was reading about some posix incompatibilities11:45
frinnstI've used dash as /bin/sh without problems. i think it was before crux 3.011:50
frinnstit is supposed to be posix complete11:50
frinnstbut lots of stuff expect /bin/sh to be bash, thus using some wierd bashisms in some scripts11:51
Romsteryeah those need to specify /bin/bash11:54
teK__but they dont because the scripters dont care/know11:54
Romsterassuming sh is bash is just not gonna cut it.11:55
teK__doesnt matter as long as quite some scripters dont care.11:55
Romsteranother words way too much breakage11:55
frinnstthings are probably a lot better these days, due to debian & ubuntu using dash12:08
Romsterwell i was looking at the fact that ubuntu is using dash12:10
Romstercrux the lightweight distro using bulky bash <<12:10
Romstermaybe testing is needed. but i don't have a heck of a lot of time12:11
frinnstI dont think it would be a big problem for us to change it12:29
teK__huge +1 from me..12:30
jueI'd say it depends on how many ports breaks if we use dash as sh13:12
jueit'd doesn't matter for debian or ubuntu because they patch everything anyways13:13
juehowever if this works I have no problem if we use dash or maybe pksh as sh and keep bash as user-shell and for pkgmk etc.13:15
juebut at all I'm still fine with bash ;)13:16
juebut yeah, I know we have at least on bash hater here :)13:29
jueteK__: btw, dash 0.5.8 is out13:51
teK__ck4up didn't mind13:56
teK__is this alright?13:56
teK__% ck4up -v -d dash13:56
teK__dash ........... ok13:56
frinnst> HI Chet, As you are aware, a sixth security issue has been discovered.13:57
frinnstwe could just disable the stuff thats vulnerable. freebsd and netbsd has done this13:58
juewhat's your rule for dash, teK__ ?13:58
teK__dash         md5 @TAR@13:58
jueand @TAR@ ?14:00
teK__standard, i.e.:14:00
teK__@TAR@      @NAME@-.*\.(tgz|tar.(gz|bz2|xz))14:00
jueteK__: my result ->
teK__with the same @TAR@?14:02
jueno, I have -> @TAR@  @NAME@-.*?\.tar\.[bgx]z2?14:03
juefrinnst: a link for the '..a sixth security issue' would be nice, thx14:08
frinnstyeah im unsure14:09
frinnstthe entire thread is insane14:09
frinnst might be informative14:10
frinnstnot sure its been made public14:10
teK__jue: will try that out, thx14:15
frinnstAm I the only one who is wondering: Who is paying Chet to do this?14:20
frinnstNobody is paying me to do this.14:20
frinnstHero :)14:20
teK__nobody is paying us?14:22
frinnstwell i'd bet he has been a lot more busy this week14:31
juedefinitely, I'm subscribed to bug-bash, never seen more messages/day there :)14:32
teK__are there valid usecases for the function-exporting feature any way?14:33
juewhat I've read the feature is more times used in test stuff14:34
teK__dunno, zsh has a functions builtin, that will simply list a/all definition(s) of functions14:35
jaegerthe threads on oss-sec have been crazy, too14:40
jaegerI can't keep up with them14:40
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tilmanare prologic's logs of this channel broken or is nobody talking in here? ;>16:33
juetilman: works for me,16:34
tilmanah, i guess the links on are broken16:37
tilmanthey don't include the directory16:37
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diverseso, how many vunerabilities have been found in bash so far?21:01
teK__wtf @ML21:23
diverseteK__: bash ML?21:36
teK__hey, give me a port for it!  [im too lazy to search]21:36
teK__- dude, do it yourself21:37
teK__ok, sounds like the best way to go21:37
diverseit's easy to borrow from arch though21:37
teK__it's only php, iirc21:38
diverseoh, eww21:38
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