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Workstertilman, works01:41
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teK__which issues did you have with spice 0.24?19:21
teK__not pushing that fucking update cost me a whole afternoon19:21
frinnsti dont know, i had an issue?19:22
teK__(because 0.23 bitches when used in conjunction with certain ports [???] + ssh port forwarding)19:22
frinnstiirc it introduced some more deps or something19:22
frinnstif you had a bad day, i'd be proud to take the blame for it19:22
teK__.irssi/logs/2014/Sep/#crux-devel.log:18:27 <@frinnst> teK____: new spice-gtk requiring new and nasty deps :/19:22
teK__I had to remove systemd (always a pleasure) folders19:23
teK__bad day? well.. I dont get how one can screw up connectivity at the userland level19:23
frinnstwell i dont mind you pushing it. maybe i was overreacting a bit back then ;)19:25
teK__building it on this machine right nao19:26
teK__on the other hand I used my university's internet connection to push the qemu images to my server19:26
teK__120MB/s upstream are awesome19:26
frinnstbtw, you ran qemu on 3.16 ?19:27
frinnstand no keyboard input lag?19:27
teK__yes and no19:27
frinnsteven if you mash down and PRESS ALL THE KEYS at the same time, more or less?19:27
frinnstwhen I do, i get major delay and qemu uses a shitload of cpu19:28
teK__ this has to be fake D:19:28
teK__I can check that out in a second19:28
frinnstit has resulted with yubikeys not passing all chars to the guest19:28
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teK__oh and I hate uname26.. conusfing my unam[TAB] EVERY time :D19:28
teK__ <19:29
teK__ok, how many chars does it transfer?19:29
teK__Maybe that's just too much for qemu19:29
teK__oh ok so not too much19:30
frinnstwell it worked just fine with 3.1419:30
teK__oh ok19:30
teK__awesome. I love these types of bugs where you just can hope that they get fixed 'magically'19:31
frinnstactually it feels a lot better with 3.16.319:31
frinnstor something else has changed on my system19:31
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frinnsti have a management vm here at home for work stuff. when i ran 3.15 i remember I had to write a mail to a customer from home. I had to type with one hand. with two i typed too fast and chars were lost D;19:33
teK__sometimes irssi in screen will swallow 'k' and delete the character before the k19:33
teK__do not ask why :P19:33
frinnstyup. I asked in #kvm and nobody recalled seeing a similar issue before19:34
teK__also: suddenly dhcp at university works, too (has not worked for more than a year)19:34
teK__so I thought hey I changed the .conf, opened it with vim.. no undo available19:35
teK__wtf wtf :)19:35
teK__no did not change the conf. WHATEVER19:37
teK__btw I don't get the leftovers19:40
teK__it's kinda thin on plot-wise (watched ep 1-4 I think)19:40
frinnstits all mysterious and shit19:41
frinnstand thats awesome19:41
teK__will the dad jump into bed/have dreams about his daughter's best friend or what's mysterious :D19:44
teK__oh and btw.. Sin City 2? Don't. :)20:02
teK__Except you are crazy for Jessica Alba20:02
frinnstoh? thats disappointing to hear20:05
teK__the VFX are the same20:06
teK__no story20:06
teK__boring characters20:06
teK__watching episode 7 btw. D:20:09
teK__the daughter is locked in the fridge.. feeling uncomftable myself *g*20:11
teK__I think I'm a little claustrophobic20:11
frinnstwe are teenagers and we are stuuuupid20:11
teK__it's been not that long that I've been one myself20:12
teK__oh and I want to be a crazy cult leader myself one day, too20:28
frinnstwho doesn't?20:38
teK__folks with a (guilty) conscience? :>20:38
teK__wrt movies.. Mr. Nobody (2.5 hours, take the time) is a must see. Imho.20:42
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