IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-10-01

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pitillohello, can someone make an small clean to make patch files not used anymore in 4.0?09:56
frinnstI can fix it during my lunchbreak10:11
teK__I really love git blam FRINNST10:11
frinnstyep, you can blame me10:12
frinnstauthorFredrik Rinnestam <>10:12
pitillothere's no need to rush :)10:19
juebtw, I've successfully build all ports from our ISO and some more with /bin/sh pointing to dash ;)13:01
jaegernot bad13:01
jueyeah, indeed, had expected some breaks but nothing failed13:03
jaegera good start. :)13:04
diverseI assume crux 3.2 will use dash by default then? :P13:40
jaegerIs there a tangible benefit to using dash for /bin/sh? Is it a lot faster? Smaller? Is it worth the effort?15:07
jaegerjue: can you see any problems with adding "#include <stdbool.h>" to /usr/include/tdb/tdb.h in /opt/tdb?15:44
jaegerat least libcanberra includes tdb.h which produced an error, though I haven't run into others yet15:48
frinnstdash is both smaller and faster16:05
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diversewith a smaller code base it should also be less susceptible to bugs, right?16:17
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diversebeing easier to maintain that is16:18
jaegerpkgmk still uses bash, just wondering if it's worth the effort to try to port or use both, etc.16:22
diverseuseful bash to dash info in there^16:25
diversealthough dash is only used for scripts, the login shell will still have to use bash16:33
diverseso I don't know if you guys want 2 shells for 2 specific purposes or a 1 shell fits all?16:36
jaegerI'd still install bash for user shells16:37
diverseright, you still need an interactive shell, dash won't cut it for that16:37
diverseso I guess the real reason to look at dash is to improve our booting and pkgmk build speed?16:42
diverseit doesn't take away the security issues with bash16:44
jaegerwhich will be fixed in time16:44
diverseand fixed to prevent another major shellshock'er16:45
diversein a hopeful sense16:46
diverseactually I'm beginning to like the 2 shells for 2 specific purposes better, it's more Unix-y16:49
diversethe dash/bash combox16:49
diversejaeger: there is a script called checkbashisms that might be worth looking into:
jaegeryeah, I've seen it17:00
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frinnstbash 4.3.28, preparing a patch21:11
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Worksterdoes 4.3.28 fix more CVEs?23:24
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