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prologicyes most likely00:38
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juejaeger: sure, thanks for the info, we had a patch for this with tdb 1.3.0 but I removed the patch because I though that upstream has fixed the issue with 1.3.111:04
juediverse: I agree wrt the dash/bash combo, that's exactly what I have in mind as I've started the build test11:19
jueI don't see any real reason to make stuff like pkgmk sh compatible11:20
jaegerjue: thanks :)13:05
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frinnstI ran with dash as /bin/sh for about a year or so. Remember the bash segfault I had with prt-get, jue?14:42
frinnstas a workaround I used dash. I didnt see any issues back then, atleast14:43
frinnstbut I dont think a kneejerk reaction to quickly switch to dash is a good idea. We should do this for 3.2 or something14:43
juefrinnst: yeah, I remember14:53
juefrinnst: definitely not, that's something we should do with an new release, if ever14:56
novakI've been using dash as the default shell for about two days and I already found a package (spacefm) that wouldn't build.16:50
novakJust an error in the configure script.16:50
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tilmananyone going for dash-as-/bin/sh yet?18:31
jaegerNot I18:32
novakI have been for just a couple days18:37
tilmancare to share your current diff?18:37
novakOnly thing I've seen so far is spacefm's configure script is broken18:39
novakMost stuff works, I even successfully compiled namecoin-qt18:39
novakdiff what?18:41
tilmancore/rc please :)18:41
tilmani did try dash-as-/bin/sh some years ago, and know i had to change rc.conf (array notation for one) and the rc scripts, but i didn't keep my diff from back then18:42
novakI haven't rebooted since, I haven't changed anything there.18:43
novak... I should probably look at those18:44
tilmanSERVICES=(lo net crond sshd slim alsa dbus)18:44
tilman^ no workie in dash18:44
tilmanyou want double quotes instead of parens for one18:44
tilmanwork needed on rc.multi at least as well18:44
novakOk, yeah, thanks.  I knew I would probably have to shuffle thing there, I don't really use dash that much.18:45
tilmanme neither18:45
tilmanthis is just my tortoise's memory kicking in18:45
novakI should probably also check the switch case statements in the rc.d dir18:46
tilmanthe best way would be to use a VM to test18:46
tilmanit's also the wimpy way :D18:47
tilmanreal men test stuff that breaks everything on "production" systems that aren't backed up =)18:47
novakPsh, where is your sense of adventure/stupidity?18:47
frinnstperl 5.18.3 seemed like a dud. they released 5.18.4 today ;D19:00
frinnstThe next major stable release of Perl 5, version 22.0, should appear in May19:02
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novakI think the main thing is just array notation, looks like most other stuff should work all right.  [ "$var" = "" ] is used in most of the scripts, which is good.19:22
novaktilman: sshd and net both required slight changes.19:40
frinnstnovak: mind opening a bug to document the issues and changes needed?19:41
frinnstbash issue / cve / patch list:
frinnstso far21:41
frinnstnovaks ticket for dash:

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