IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-10-06

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nrxtxRomster: found it?20:16
teK__I propose we get more rude in here, #cru and on the MLs20:46
teK__motivation? :>20:46
nrxtxteK__: maybe we should get some of the gentoo people here for that or we can throw out all people who do not fit his description whoc the community consists of ;)20:58
teK__I will pay you a beer asap if you get linus to join in too :>21:01
nrxtx:D that sound way to friendly tek__ you have to go ;)21:02
teK__fuck you :)21:02
nrxtxmuch better :D21:03
teK__I did it for the community, not for you, sucker21:07
nrxtxpfft community lets moderate the mailing list and bugtracker don't care about their opinion ;)21:23
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diverseoh, is peothead lurking in our logs, ewwwww, I'm so scard </sarcasm>23:02
diverseoh... it's just another ego-post by him23:07
diverseand a racist one too, since he made a generalization of Linux users23:08
diverseman, look at this those pluses, a lot of people suck up to him23:10
diverseteK__: he is total facist too23:13
diversefrinnst: have you tested 3.17 yet?23:25

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