IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-10-07

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frinnstonly the rc's08:03
frinnst3.17 crashes as soon as i load the cpu...08:03
Romster3.16.2 runs ok08:35
Romsterand i've had very heavy cpu loading.08:36
Romsterhmm need to mump to 3.16.4 as always new patches.08:36
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frinnst* sshd(8): Support for tcpwrappers/libwrap has been removed.15:50
frinnstor not, if you like tcpwrappers :)15:50
frinnst* sftp(1): Allow resumption of interrupted uploads.15:51
frinnst * sshd(8): Make the "Too many authentication failures" message15:51
frinnst   include the user, source address, port and protocol in a format15:51
frinnst   similar to the authentication success / failure messages; bz#219915:51
frinnstalso yay15:51
teK__I used sshfs + rsync for that :o15:51
jaegerhas the topic in here really not changed in nearly 8 years? :D19:15
frinnsthaha oh my god yes19:35
frinnstTopic set by jaeger [] [Tue Dec 19 16:10:21 2006]19:35
jaegerI just noticed that and it made me wonder19:36
frinnsttime flies19:56
jaegerno doubt20:01
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