IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-10-08

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jaegerteK__: is the portdb still pulling from the local/portdb.db sqlite file?14:06
jaegerthe updated ISO has a new home now,
jaegermuch shorter than before14:10
frinnsthaha yay, ninja is live :D14:14
jaegerprologic: got a docker question or two for you at some point14:15
tilmanjaeger: need help with the web site? ;)15:29
jaegerMaybe :) Don't know what will go there yet, it's brand new16:14
jaegerI've only set up DNS and barebones lighttpd so far. The email system will be next16:15
jaegerIt is a VPS running crux, for reference. :)16:31
tilmanwas just teasing since there is no content yet16:34
jaegerI'm certainly no designer16:34
tilmanexcept for the isos ofc16:34
tilmani am/was responsible for
jaegervery bright :)16:35
tilmannot sure what i was thinking16:36
jaeger"1995 sure is awesome!" maybe :D16:36
jaegeryou should see some of the website designs I used to make... you might think I'm colorblind16:36
teK__jaeger: yeah16:38
jaegerteK__: I was going to add hhhhhhhh's repo but wanted to make sure I knew where to add it since sepen has been gone. The repo is down right now, though, so I can't run prtverify or sync it16:39
teK__than I missunderstood17:38
teK__the repos are set in the pdbcacher.php17:39
jaegerAh, ok. thanks, couldn't remember18:02
jaegerIs the sqlite db populated by that script?18:02
jaegercool, thanks. I'll wait until he has the repo back up to check it out18:03
teK__I'd just add it and wait until tomorrow, the cron job will do the rest18:04
frinnstomg. tilman are you available for our corporate website?19:01
frinnstactually i quite like it19:02
frinnstooh, 2.4.17. my first kernel i ever built was 2.4.20 :)19:02
tilmani think that's the first ever semi-useful stuff i published19:03
tilmanthe code is abysmal19:03
tilmani was a noob. and decided i had to use multithreading.19:03
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prologicjaeger, sure shoot20:52
jaegerjust curious about overhead and remote access. For example in this case I was considering running a docker instance of gitlab since that'd be a quick and easy way to install it for testing. How much extra stuff actually ends up in that particular container? How do connections get into it? Port forwards? etc.21:14
jaegeryou can tell me to RTFM if you like21:14
nrxtxjaeger: depends on what the base image of the container is, if its based on for example ubuntu it will pull in an complete ubuntu container21:33
jaegerI don't mind ubuntu in general but that kinda defeats the purpose in my case21:35
nrxtxfor the port forwarding you can use the -p flag with hostPort:containerPort21:35
nrxtxjaeger: which gitlab container did you have in mind?21:35
jaeger is the one I looked at but that's simply because it's the first one I found searching for "docker gitlab"21:36
jaegerI have not investigated very deeply yet, at work21:36
nrxtxfor the most starred one the container will use an ubuntu-14.04 container as base21:37
nrxtxsee: for what it pulls in21:39
jaegerso I might have to make my own to run it on a crux host, I guess21:54
jaegerOr just install an ubuntu VM and use that docker image since I was just curious about gitlab anyway21:55
jaegeror just install gitlab manually :P21:55
nrxtxjaeger: or you install the docker image which will be easier and faster than setting up an vm i guess22:05
jaegermaybe so22:05
jaegerJust for checking out anyway, so it's not a big deal if it's not perfect22:05
nrxtxjaeger: if you are interested in testing it on ubuntu there are omnibus packages which are ready to run22:06
jaegeryeah, saw that as well22:07
nrxtxdid the same tests a week ago with the omnibus package + ubuntu vm before i tried starting it on crux22:08
jaegerthat's probably the easiest/quickest way22:08
jaegerah, heh22:09
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prologicjaeger: most containers are buitl from distro base images22:58
prologicin terms of runtime overhead very little22:58
prologicin practice far better performance than a vm on some hypervisor22:58
prologicconnecting to services in a container22:58
prologicdocker daemon takes care of nat’ing and port fortwarding to the containers22:58
prologiceach container has it’s own internal network interface to the host22:58
prologicyou essentially do things like:22:58
prologicdocker run —daemon —name my_gitlab -p 8000:8000 gitlab22:59
prologicin general follow the README / docs of each image you plan to use22:59
jaegerok, thanks for the info23:02
prologicnps happy to clear anything else up :)23:05
jaegerI'm sure it'll make more sense if I actually get around to playing with it23:09
prologicgoing to play with this on a crux host or something else?23:11
jaegerI was thinking about a crux host at the time but doesn't really matter23:40
prologicno it doesn’t relaly :)23:48

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