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jaegerinstalled it into a centos 7 VM since it was handy. It's fairly neat, though I'm not sure it's worth all the deps00:46
jaegergitlist might be a much lighter weight thing01:08
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diverseRomster Workster: have you tried 3.16.4 yet?06:30
Romsteri'm on it since yesterday night06:59
diverseRomster: cool, sounds like a good upgradable path for me07:00
frinnst3.16 also works for me! behold the miracle07:00
diverseif frinnst puts his stable stamp of approval on it, it's gotta be good07:02
frinnstI wonder if 3.17 is still a turd07:02
teK__there's a SSD data corruption bug in 3.1707:02
Romsterconsidering he finds most things unstable.07:02
frinnstteK__: then i guess it still is07:02
diverseRomster: I know, right?07:03
Romsternoticed 3.16.4 has a patch to ext4 too07:03
frinnstah, yeah i read about that. but i guess it might only corrupt your data if you have one of those shitty ssds that were blacklisted07:04
frinnstTested-by: Steven Honeyman07:05
frinnstbrilliant name07:05
diverseso this was a change introduced in 3.17?07:05
Romsteri'm guessing it went though the entire 3.17 RC phase07:06
Romsterby what it says07:06
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teK__oh and there are two DoS vulns with unprivileged namespaces, too (I guess these persist up to 3.17)07:22
diverse3.16 sounds fine for me, I read somewhere that 3.15 had included better support DS4 controllers, so that convinced me to upgrade from 3.12 :)07:27
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diverseof course I had to ask because I keep hearing frinnst having nightmare experiences with newer kernels07:29
diversealthough I don't know what kind of weird stuff frinnst is doing with the kernel either07:30
frinnstseems there are sftp-only issues with openssh 6.6 and that a push to 6.7 is needed. I would have liked to test 6.7 a lot more before :(07:39
frinnstsince it no longer uses tcpwrappers.07:40
frinnsti just hope nobody using crux is relying on tcpwrappers for openssh acl07:40
teK__that's worth a [notify] to the ML07:40
diversewhy are they no longer using tcpwrappers?07:42
frinnstbecause it belongs in 198007:43
diverseold and outdated?07:44
frinnstits a stupid way to specify ACLs07:44
frinnstto allow the connection, then "verify" where the connection comes from07:44
diversedon't we still use tcp wrappers in Crux?07:45
teK__less and less ;)07:47
diverseis there a newer alternative?07:48
teK__tcpwrappers is a nice and easy reaplcement very basic iptables foo07:48
teK__sure, iptables.07:48
teK__and yet tcpwrappers has a certain upside if you run services on non-standard ports.07:48
diversehmm, I wonder if nftables can do that?07:49
teK__sure, why not07:49
diversewell the fact I hear nftables is a lot easier to use than iptables07:50
teK__frinnst: like 'Arrow'?08:27
frinnstnot seen it08:34
frinnstlooks silly08:34
frinnstbtw, these conversations should probably move to #crux :)08:34
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teK__haha NO08:37
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