IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-10-11

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diversei think the former is more accurate00:39
diverseRomster: I also think because of, Crux has become a bit more known00:54
Romsteroh forgot about that. we are mentioned there too.00:55
diverseand I also was a new user because of it.01:00
diverseI joined here exactly 2 years ago, I remember coming here in October 201201:00
diverseand I'm glad it made me did too01:06
diverseRomster: ^01:07
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c0xhow about musl?05:22
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nrxtxc0x: as long as they don't support priorities and the linux scheduler options you might be careful when using musl08:03
teK__with (almost) all ports having to work we are pretty much stuck with glibc and even gcc. At least for now.11:11
frinnstis there a major benefit of using musl?12:09
frinnstsame with clang (it still produces worse code, right?)12:09
frinnstdont get me wrong, its interesting and all12:14
diverseI think the point of musl is that the way it's written in is memory safe, which means fewer segfaults and security issues, so it's easy to write safer C code by using musl written code. Another reason I believe is that it produces smaller binaries compared to glibc.14:35
diverseAlso with llvm (which is clang's backend and not a libc) usually optimizes very good binaries now days, at least with what I know about from learning Rust.14:37
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tilmanmusl memory safe? whut?18:03
tilmanfrinnst: some months ago, at least the arm backend still kinda sucked compared to gcc. code-quality wise.18:04
tilman(from my own quick testing)18:04
tilmani'd expect that it's not as bad on x86/x86_6418:05
teK__x86 > arm...18:21
teK__especially unfair for newly developed compilers.. at least they have a common intermediate language which is awesome, as far as I can tell18:21
frinnstteK__: irssi 0.8.17!18:49
teK__here you are18:52
teK__HAVE FUN18:52
frinnsti think the new top is a bit buggy:19:22
frinnstKiB Mem :  6.1/1638194819:22
frinnsti dont think im using 6.1kb :)19:22
teK__also: I dislike its pavian red look19:22
teK__neither do I need graphical bars for cpu %19:23
teK__there's no nor for now. :p19:23
frinnstremving my old toprc seems to have solved it19:24
frinnstbut i still doubt its accurate: GiB Mem :  6.2/15.62319:24
teK__GiB Mem : 44.7/3.65719:25
teK__so I hacked physics19:26
teK__we need a definition of 'experienced user' on crux.nu20:09

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